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SHIP BUILDS - Combat / Multirole Specs

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To all commanders

Please find listed below a list of builds for new and players looking for a different type of ship that they have never tried and would like to know a build they can get the most out of.  This list will be revised whenever i see fit or new relevant ships are added or modified by the dev team.

Several notes you will need to be aware of -

All builds will be to an A class standard so they will be the heaviest armed shielded and protected to the money that can be spent on them,  this however doesnt mean to say you cant buy the ship without the total credits it says are required as i still roll around in a E class viper for bounty hunting and it is still an effective ship.

All builds will have D rated life support , thrusters and sensors as specifically for the combat vessels for bang for buck usage any higher upgrades would be pointless to waste your money on until you are an experienced pilot to handle ships such as a fer de lance with a rated thrusters.

All ships have a docking computer this is personal choice but for me it is a neccesity so upto you.

These are all tried and tested builds over the years and all setup too be straight out of the box cookie cutter builds and now with the advance of engineering there are so many more possibilites for you to do with them.



VIPER MKIII   -   2,652,240 CR build cost   132,612 rebuy


VIPER MKIV   -   5,812,900 CR build cost   290,645 rebuy


DIAMONDBACK SCOUT   -   6,451,970 CR build cost   322,599 rebuy


VULTURE   -   16,523,470 CR build cost   826,174 rebuy


FEDERAL ASSAULT SHIP   -   66,698,466 build cost   3,334,923 rebuy


FER DE LANCE   -   125,675,810 build cost   6,433,791 rebuy



MULTIROLE (to follow)

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5 hours ago, VEEDUBBIN said:

@regenerate83 its upto you but in regards to a conda it is a multirole ship and i was not going to bost anything past the 150 million mark as really by then all commanders should be experienced with there own builds and feel for the game.

i feel thats fair enough since after my fer de lance i knew what i was liking.if you could since theres a few new people who dont know the engineers could you possibly make a guide to help them ?

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@RageCage this is my own personal fit i use for combat so you can rip it up and swap modules for cargo racks collector limpets and all tht jazz for cargo exploring etc.


Please note it is engineered - All multicannons have grade 5 OVERCHARGED /w INCENDARY, PULSE Turrets are set at long range so this means over 5.2k range attack rate so technically you have over 2k normally before they get into normal gun range to strip there shields and due to multicannons 4k std range your laffing , FSD Jump range improved , all shields boosted with extra juice , shields thermal modified hull kinetic modified , thrusters dirty drive tuned and the list goes on.

@regenerate83 Will advise on engineers as and when i can but there is way too many guides and advice on the web for engineering and bare in mind i only started engineering in december myself so if you need anything ask on comms or simply google it.

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