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What's the game like?

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Basic game is 10 bucks now (used to be 30!) but it's very pay to win.  If you've ever played archeage it's similar in many ways - but there's neat features like autopathing and instanced housing.  Bit nuanced and very grindy, but what MMO isn't really.


Let me know if you want to test it out I still have three 7-day guest passes left.

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BDO has been on my radar now that I've fallen out of the practice of logging into Guild Wars 2.

I say this as someone who hasn't played it. The way it moves and the way it looks actually reminds me of the dozens of free / cheap MMOs that I've played through, which isn't really a great thing. I feel that the UI is too 'busy' and is a bit more distracting than anything. The combat looks pretty smooth, but extremely grindy! The world is very pretty though, and I am a sucker for spending hours to explore a world through unconventional means. You have your own boat that you can use to explore the ocean?! YES PLS.

It seems to have picked up a lot of steam in terms of youtubers and streamers putting content online. I'm actually a bit interested in playing it myself. To push against @BookD20 here (once again, I haven't played the game), people seem to be saying that you shouldn't be worried about people that have spent money for loot as the game feels more play-to-win opposed to pay-to-win, but that also means to compete you'll have to a lot more time grinding. 

Whether it's worth your time or not depends on what you're in it for. I have heard great things about just the PvE and crafting/'Life' areas of the game, but it also feels pretty heavy on the PvP side of things.

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