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Ark Mod Showcase - Survival Plus (open Beta)

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ARK: Survival Plus (Open Beta)


Every month the ARK Staff will choose a new set of mods to showcase on the showcase server. For march this mod is Survival Plus. Survival Plus is a community mod aimed at making the survival aspect of Ark more realistic. This means no more knocking out dinosaurs to tame them. Passive tame herbivores. Find nest and steal the young to domesticate them. Taming not your thing? That's ok! Learn a craft. Be a blacksmith, carpenter, tailor, or even a mason. Learn a profession, or two, and support the town. Every job requires materials and interaction with others to reach the highest levels. A blacksmith needs a crossbow body from the carpenter, but the smith needs the mason to craft a forge to smelt iron. Cutting wood requires a knife, animal harvesting gives meat, bones, fat, and hide. Become a cook and earn a well nourished buff for 2x XP. 

If you are interested come check it out.

Join us



Look for new and exciting mods starting May 1st.



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