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Hello all! As many of you know, over the past couple of months our Overwatch section has hosted a minor league competitive team as a part of UGC’s NA Steel series tournament! The playoffs are still going on(fingers crossed!) and the team is still working very hard.
Over the past season we have gotten many questions about the team and inquiries about joining it, and although the team was full this season it does not mean you cannot join in the next round if you meet the requirements. With one team though, we cannot host everyone that would like to play, and we cannot host all skill levels, but that's the point of this post.
The staff members have been debating on whether we should have a 2nd team to incorporate the number of people that want to play, and the skill level of players wanting to join. We are very open to the possibility but it all comes down to our player base. We would like to know if anyone(Silver or above) would like to play professionally.
We would most likely have practices once or twice a week, and a match once a week. We would need some serious commitment from you.
If you have any questions or concerns about the idea of the 2nd team please feel free to contact me (bob31000) or Liz on Discord or the Forums. Please let us know if you are interested in playing with us!
Have a great day!

Rules for the league:


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Things are still settling down at work. I can commit a bit later, next season for sure. Not this next one, but the one after that :D

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