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3.0 release date?

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Since its removal from the latest schedules posted after January, 3.0 release estimates have ranged from as early as July 2017, if 2.62 is released on schedule this month (March), to as late as TBD.  

The later estimates of TBD usually are with the caveat that CIG may elect to break down some of the steps they had intended for 3.0 to smaller and more intermediate steps to appease the fire and pitchfork set .  This includes rumored intermediate steps that have ranged form 2.5 to 2.7 that include interesting bits that were originally reserved to release with 3.0: like cargo systems, mining, and one or more additional star systems (possibly NOT including the latest generation of system creation even though that might have been used to make said systems).  


This information is from a number of traditional CIG watchers and some hinting by CIG about some promised 3.0 processes that either nearly are or have already been completed (such as moon systems and their related subsystem behaviors).  This is to say 3.0 may still be released with substantially the content suggested, but it seems only logical that plenty of intermediate steps that COULD be taken would make the ironing out of bugs in between each iterative step easier, faster, and more coherent.


As we know a number of the underlying game system assets are in place that are essential to any subsystem, each one of these that are completed speeds the advance of later ones with fewer responsibilities to existing systems.  July seems unlikely for a 3.0 level alpha, given our experience of CIG behavior, and I would guess December if we are fortunate, but I think it is also quite possible and even likely that a number of intermediate steps providing some of those features are implemented before that date.  


On a side note, but not entirely unrelated,

While It is no longer the case that their daily income exceeds their payroll most days, with a current total funds raised of ~145M, it is good to see that even on a bad day they still pull in 32k with essentially no game, no production facility of real goods, and a production scheme that does not foresee the end product's release date.  Of course they could just have put half the money into stock indexes and easily make more at 10% than the game sales could ever make for them on average, but whatever the case it is clear that funding cannot be a stumbling block.  It will be ready when it is ready, and guessing when exactly is pointless.  Even CIG has, apparently, finally learned that lesson.   ~Dim 

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On 3/8/2017 at 9:43 AM, DecoyDrone said:

This year?


And just when you thought it might be later its right about when they said it could be... at least so far, which is end of June.  

Amazing if achieved it is a magnitude of significance greater than 2.6.x since that large an expanse with no loading screens is... something New Under the Sun, and the first intimations I have had that they may achieve, or pointed the way to achieving, finding the limits of 64 bit user addressable virtual memory space.  HOLY ****!

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Not exactly new under the sun, but definitely an improvement over any other iteration.  I think the best I saw for an open world (until most likely this) with no loading was probably Asheron's Call lol.

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@Kraven213 not sure if you've kept updated on it, but it's looking more and more like mid october for Evocati release.  Maybe PTU by citcon if we're very lucky and they want to push it - else assume that we'll maybe see a PTU by anniversary in November

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ptu aimed for citcon end of the month for sure.


considering the current evocati pace, patch rate, and how much ground there still is to cover... it's going to be a long couple of weeks....

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