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      =ADK= Discord Link   04/24/2017

      Come join us in =ADK= Discord To download the Discord app go here: https://discordapp.com/   Discord is going to have a small learning curve over teamspeak so be prepared, but the fellow members as well as the Admins will gladly help you if you have any issues with installing or using the app. Once you have Discord installed all that's left to do is click the button below.   Welcome to the future of the =ADK= Community.   Click Here To Join! 
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ADK Mass PM 3-4-2016

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Hello Guests & ADK Members, 

 I am sending our our 3 month ADK update. Just below you will see each section and what they have planed for you as guest and members for there section. If you have any questions please feel free to make a post in said section of the forums an someone will answer it ASAP. But we also want to thankyou for being part of our family rather it is just playing here or being a member as we wouldnt be here without you. 


ADKGamers Leadership 



We have been hard at working coming up with new templates to use for new applications! The new templates will now be more specific in which game you selected when making your application. This new template will include information about the section and also will mention the staff for the section to help introduce you to them and bring you and them closer together. 

Recruitment Process:

  • Application Post
  • Introduction Post
  • 5+ Posts on the website
  • Vouch from a =ADK= Game staff, or 5+ ADK members

Nothing has changed within the recruitment process so it is all still the same.

If you haven't already heard but Liz was the winner of the recruitment event we held at the start of the year, so congrats to her. We will try to have recruitment events more often for those of you that would like to participate in them. 

If you haven't already go check out the Introduction Section and go welcome the new members into the community. Link to the introduction post is down below.


Don't forget to play with the new applicants and make them feel welcomed into the community, and if you had fun playing with them feel free to say something about it on their application.

Big thanks from everyone in recruitment and everyone that takes the time to help out with recruitment and make the new members feel welcomed into the community.


Game Updates 


Happy March from the ARK Section!

We are excited as can be in ARK for the coming months! Right now we have a total of 4 ARK servers up and running! Three of them are our modded PvE servers and the last is our vanilla PvP server!

Vanilla PvP Server

In the weeks to come we are looking towards a wipe of our PvP server, transforming it to a PvPvE style server! When this happens we will also be looking at changing the map to either the center, a procedurally generated map, or even a custom map! Look out for polls on the subject soon! Before this happens though, we will be hosting our Storm the Castle event!

Modded PvE Servers

With our 3 Modded PvE servers, there are soon to be huge updates bringing in a plethora of new things to do for both early game and veteran players.


Things that will affect all four of our servers are the overall ark updates. The most recent addition added in even more dinos and we finally got the TEK buildings! Please be careful and patient as modded servers have been having trouble with TEK items, although enjoy the new items all you want on the Vanilla server!

Helpful Links

Mod List: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=788824219

Server/Mod Suggestions: https://www.adkgamers.com/forums/topic/164020-%7B%3F%7D/?do=findComment&comment=550240

Server List:  https://arkservers.net/1/name/asc/?term=


A3 Exile.jpg





ARMA 3 Exile Servers

The ARMA 3 Exile Server has now being going strong over a year
We have a committed bunch of Admins and Developers that strive to maintain a fair and flawless
enjoyment, while being able to kick some ass in only ways known to arma.
We are constantly looking for more players and admins to help us in our battle against the rule breakers.

We Recently just put up a NEW Server, Esseker :) https://www.adkgamers.com/forums/topic/164004-new-server-esseker-15th-feb/

We have also Recently Updated our 'ADK Texture Mod' with new Vehicle & Concrete Skins as well as adding 3 New Safes with increased storage.

Need Help Joining? Join our help channel ARMA 3 Server Help

Check out the Latest Dev Log HERE






As we all know it is now 4 months since Battlefield 1 had its release.

Upon launch we didn't have any rental server option. Then they released a beta rental program which 

in it self worked and we had Marcinkoman and Bonzai and Bluemoon who rented 1 server each to check it out.

The configurational options were limited least to say but they could put the =ADK= name to it and

we had ppl filling up the servers. Then DICE said it was a bug that directed quick match players into

rented server and that it should not be like that and they "fixed" it. This effectively killed all rented servers out there.


DICE has now released an Admin Control Panel for rented servers but this has one HUGE flaw in its current state.

It only allows the server owner to admining the server. as you can understand this doesn't work well for communities.

DICE says that they are working on multiple Admin control access. but we have no ETA on this as they are 

extremely secretive about what and when.

Another thing, might be minor, but the server requires a large player count to even start the game.

10 vs. 10 according to a thread on the official rental server program forum.


DICE says that they plan to lower this to 6 player start. (3 vs. 3?) and they say it will come in one

of the coming patches. no further or detailed information.


However we are eager to rent servers so everyone here and hopefully many new members can have

a server(s) to call their "home". What we mainly are waiting for is the multiple admin access. 

Then we can start talking business. 

In the meanwhile I encourage you to friend up through Origin and Squad up on your favourite maps 

because it is really fun when you play with someone and also join the chat channels on Discord while doing so.


I've made 2 polls regarding game mode and favourite maps. please vote :)



Snipe you out there  // Battlefield Leadership





CSGO Section Update

Over the last 2 months, the CSGO section has been going through a rough patch when it comes to popularity but there has been a steady increase in members. We the CSGO section understand that its hard to play a game when there is no incentive so we have come up with a little idea to boost up popularity. 




2 v 2 Tournament

This was an idea of ours for awhile but certain situations got in the way and caused us to postpone it until further notice. Recently with the spike in activity we have decided to bring it back. Now the initial concept was have a tournament where you were given a random teammate against another group of random teammates going at it for a small prize. This idea has come back but in a new way. Now you are able to bring your friends to play with you to compete the only catch is they have to be a member of the section. now what are some of the stipulations of the tournament. 


  • Prize pool will be around $50-$75 for all 3 prizes.
  • Random matches will receive a prize bonus where if they win a certain amount of kills they will receive a gift
  • The date of the tournament is still in discussion but be on the lookout for more information


Other things we are planning on doing

  • Weekly giveaways for active members
  • Recruitment Giveaways for recruiting the most members to the section
  • other interesting giveaways





CS Section Helpful Links

We are always looking to pick up recruiters or admins for our section. If you would like to apply please follow the links provided below


CSGO Admin Application

Recruiter Application



Some other CSGO Updates for 2/16/2017


– Fixed helmet and armor icons of teammates not showing for dead players.
– Fixed several client and game server crashes.
– Fixed several missing achievement icons.


There has been rumors of another operation in the process of launching since it has been an entire year since the last operation the longest time in between operations in CS history.


Dont Worry the section isn't Dead

We have been very busy planning other events for the section but real life issues have come in the way of it. We should be able to have a consistent amount of events in the coming months so be prepared for that

Thank you to everyone who has still stuck around the section, it means alot





Hey everyone out there who's still got League on their radar.  So not much going on, but right now the League section has two announcements that we'd like to throw out there for you guys.

First up your good old fashioned League In-houses plug.  We plan on bumping these back up to their usual activity level (long as college doesn't throw to much at me)

And the last little bit of information that's a little more important.  

^^^^^^That thing above.^^^^^^

So basically as some of you may know, or not I don't know how you live your lives, a section can't run without a good staff.  In the past we've had that staff: to work behind the scenes, to be the face of the section, to be the hammer at times, and most importantly, to be active in game to facilitate a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone who wants to join the section.

To put it bluntly we don't have that right now.  We have what's left of our beautiful staff from before, remember when league was one of the strongest and best section in ADK, yeah it was a thing at one point.  Well now we have the guy who works behind the scenes and a new guy, that's it.  

So if you guys want the League section to stick around, and be the section that it used to be, then we need you guys to take the step up and join our staff.  

It's not a hard position, really I'm not lying to you.








Hello everyone.

Now that we are several weeks into the Minecraft server going nonwhite-listed, the Minecraft section has been up and down with population since then. The server has been seeing new faces join in and new builds on the way. We have the server on several websites that promote servers like ours and you should all take a moment to up vote it so we can make it well known. 


We have a wonderful spawn set up, complete with player shop plots for members and renting plots for any others who wish to set up a shop in spawn. The server store have been revamped and balanced, but are still subject to change of prices and availability accordingly.

New locations are popping up all over the map and we have the perfect thing to get you to them. The ADK rail system created by Cagregorio, has seen some well earned use after it was built as it links most of the large build areas together allowing fast travel between them. There is a trailer park built by none other then Brassy, with renting space available for all so you can pass the nights in safe comfort and stay dry during those pesky thunderstorms. There is a PVP arena for events and just taking out built up rage upon your enemies, in an orderly fashion. There is also an ADK Amusement Park, complete with high dives and a ferris wheel.

There are plenty more to see that words wont do honor to. We look forward to seeing more people join us on the server and build more wonders to the Day cycles to come.





We look forward to seeing you all there.. And please remember to VOTE VOTE VOTE !!!!


Side note: Original post created by Montage98



Overwatch Game Update

The Overwatch section has continued to be popular. The last few months have been booming with activity! We want to keep that activity going strong. In this update we'll keep you up to date with our events, as well as let you know what is going on within the game itself. 




Inhouses are still going strong. We average 20-25 people per inhouse, and they normally last around 4 hours which is awesome. I highly encourage you to keep looking out for our poll of the week on what inhouse gamemode we are playing. For those who have never heard about inhouses before, I'll give you a link to get you started.

Inhouse Information Link


Custom Game Modes

Blizzard is revamping their custom game modes! Soon we'll be able to modify them like we never have before. It is currently on PBE right now, but it should be coming to the live servers within the next few weeks. We plan on using some of these modes in our upcoming inhouses! A few of the new modes you can do include Capture the flag, or Boss battles! Keep an eye out! 


Staff Applications

We are always open to looking at new staff applications. If you are interested in applying, please go to the link below for some more information!

Overwatch Staff Application



New Hero?

Blizzard recently released an article featuring Efi Oladele. We are unsure whether she is the new hero, or if one of her creations might be. Join us in the excitement as we follow the events that will be leading up to the next hero! Feel free to speculate with us on how her story relates to the game. We have a thread going on the forums for discussion revolving around this article. 

Article Link

Discussion Link



On behalf of the Overwatch staff, I would like to thank you for all of your continued support for the section. It's you, the members, that continue to push this section forward. We appreciate you coming out to inhouses, welcoming new members and just simply playing the game with us. Thank you for taking the time to read this update. Look forward to seeing new events come to the Overwatch section in the near future. We hope to continue to bring you a fresh experience. 




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