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New Hero: Orisa!

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Over the past two weeks or so there's been a couple of teases from Overwatch about a new character.  Well the time is here for you to be able to meet Orisa, the latest character to join the Overwatch forces! 


Catch up on the robotics prodigy Efi Oladele and take a little look at the Origin of Orisa!



From the official article on the Overwatch website, it does appear that they know that there's tweaks that are needed but play into the robots needing to learn by saying that she's still learning to optimally perform her function. Which leads us to believe she might be a little broken at first, but you will all have to let us know how it goes after you play on the Overwatch PTR!


Some more information about her:

Role: Tank - Orisa serves as the central anchor of her team, and defends her teammates from the frontline with a protective barrier. She can attack from long range, fortify her own defenses, launch graviton charges to slow and move enemies, and deploy a Supercharger to boost the damage output of multiple allies at once.


  • Fusion Driver
    • Orisa's automatic projectile cannon delivers sustained damage, but slows her movement while she fires it
  • Fortify
    • Orisa temporarily reduces damage she takes, and cannot be affected by action-impairing effects.
  • Halt
    • Orisa launches a graviton charge which she can detonate, slowing nearby enemies and pulling them towards the explosion.
  • Protective Barrier
    • Orisa throws out a stationary barrier that can protect her and her allies from enemy fire.
  • Supercharger
    • Orisa deploys a device to increase damage inflicted by allies within her line of sight.


For a more in depth look at what Orisa brings to the table, check out Jeff Kaplan's Developer Spotlight on her. 


Expect to see Orisa remain on the PTR for the next few weeks while they undergo testing. If all goes well, we can expect to see her in the live game soon. With Orisa being the 3rd new hero to join the Overwatch roster since release, we can now begin speculation on the 4th! Potentially a Defense hero? We look forward to what the future holds for Overwatch. 

Finally, thank you to @AOBLXIX for collaborating with me on this article! 

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