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How to practice aim for new overwatch players!

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So if your like me who is super bad at aiming, YOU COME TO THE RIGHT POST. If your also new to the game and your not great at aiming that's ok! We all gotta practice to get better. I figured I also put this here because why not? I haven't seen people do tutorials on this threw test but meh I would put pictures but I have no clue how to put this threw text LOL but I may figure it out later.


Step 1: When you have overwatch open go to custom games. 58b5c7f0407e2_Step1.PNG.50b1b9815189b0491d0ebb73e364504b.PNG


Step 2: Once your in custom games. Go to ''Add AI'' and add medium Ana's. (on the opposite team that your on) so for example ''Team 2''58b5c83310061_Step31.PNG.5ceee28357d95f2068da9260e2646284.PNG


Step 3: Once thats done head to the settings 

Step 4: Settings should be:

Rule set: Skirmish Step42..PNG.bf00cdf0ba4ee8d77dc2fad0accccfa7.PNG



Gameplay options: Headshots only: ON <-- VERY important cause Ana's cannot deal headshot's and they have the smallest hitbox on the head. So pretty much that's the best way  :D 

Be sure to click save on the bottom!

Step 5: Once done click start choose your character and PRACTICE!!


NOTE!!!!! That some characters do not deal headshots. Like Symmetra, Ana, and I think Reinheardt to. So be sure to note that.

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