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Ark refreshing gameplay.

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I logged about 509 hours so far and this is my opinion on the gameplay experience.

First and foremost I want to congratulate the game developers on its amazing graphics and physics. Never since i played Morrowind have i been sucked into a world of virtual chaos and colors. The option for a pve (player vs environment) was a gasp of actual breathing space. I could explore and run away from ankle biting brutes all the while testing my survival skills. The fact no one was hoarding on my land and destroying my things game me the ability to really apreciate the replay-ability of the game. Logging that many hours and strategist on how to build my own base was fun. Rebuilding better concept buildings and roaming around finding that other people have settled nearby gives you the hopes that one day you wont be gaming alone. Since my months of gaming i like to greet new players and give them the gist of how to survive.

Pvp Style.

I scour the entire map looking for a desolate place that no one wants to travel to in hopes to be left alone long enough to not get my base attacked while i prep it. So far so good.
go figure

pve = come here, were a family
pvp = go away leave me alone , you don't want to come over here . Ill kill you if you touch my base. every man for himself. VENGENCE !

There something for everyone in ark.

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