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Minecraft Server Commands

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Vanilla Server

ADK Member Group

/help - Shows what commands a user can do.
/afk - Marks user as away from keyboard.
/back - Teleports user to last position (not on death).
/bal - Shows how much money the user has.
/helpop - Message online Staff if you need help (do not miss-use).
/sethome - Sets a warp that the user can only use (you can set a max of 3 homes).
/home - Teleports user to set location of home.
/itemdb - used to look up a item and details related to te item.
/kit - User can use this to receive the "Torch" or "Tools kit.
/mail - Send messages to online or offline players.
/me - If you fancy Role playing.
/motd - Message of the Day.
/msg - Sends a message to only an online player.
/nick - Ability for a User to have a nickname displayed in chat.
/pay - Sends money to a online player.
/ping - Shows your Ping value. (its always "Pong!")
/recipe - Shows how to craft a specified item.
/rules - You better read this or Slim will rain hell upon your very soul...
/seen - To see how long a player as been offline.
/suicide - Suicide prevention hotline -> 1-800-273-8255
/time - Shows the in-game day/night cycle time.
/tpa - Request to teleport to a player. 
/tpahere - Request a player to teleport to you.
/tpaccept - Accepts the teleport request.
/tpdeny - Denies the teleport request.
/warp <warp name> - use to list warps and to warp to, well, warps.
/spawn - where you spawned in at after completing the player quiz.
/abandonclaim - Deletes claim the player is standing in.
/abandonallclaims - Deletes all the claims a player owns.
/trust - Grants full access to a player to your claim.
/untrust - Removes all access to your claim.
/containertrust - Gives player access to redstone activation and chests within.
/accesstrust - Allows a player to enter a claim (all player can if no player is specified).
/permissiontrust - Allows a player to give trust to other players in your claim.
/subdivideclaim - Allows to sub-section your claim.
/basicclaims - Returns to basic claim mode on bone tool.
/claim - creates a land claim (extend it by using a bone).
/setclaimflag - aka settings for your claim.
/unsetflag - remove/inverse a flag.

FTB Server:

ADK Member Group

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