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ARK Developmental Testing Servers

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Our developmental and testing server has been reloaded from scratch.  The server is up and running with ACA 2.0 Redemption for testing on the hive system.  3 ARK servers are running on the developmental testing server as follows.

These testing servers are currently running a save from our production server.  However this is not a production server and game play may not be saved.  This is only a temporary testing and development server.  This server will be wiped and shut down once testing and development is complete.

These servers are running the same mods as our production server.  For a list of mods being used on our servers please visit here:  http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=851049638

Test Dev Server With ACA Redemption up and running. IP:

Scorched 7778/27017

The Center 7777/27015

The Island 7779/27019

Note: These servers are not meant for production. This is a testing server only. Expect frequent wipes, restarts, reloads, and rollbacks. As a testing platform this server is used for testing new mods and updated mods in order to ensure compatibility with other mods and user game play. This is not a permanent playing server. So do not expect your game play to be saved and do not complain if it is wiped.

If you wish to play on our public servers please visit here:

As for feedback we welcome all feedback related to this development and testing phase of ARK for ADK.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns do not hesitate to contact us on Discord or via the Forums.

Thank you,

ARK Admin Team.

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New Development and testing server is now up and running with something new.  A procedurally generated ARK.  Yes a PGARK.  Meaning that the map is entirely new something totally different to explore.  Currently running 10 mods 9 of which are already in use on our servers and a new small mod.

Test Dev Server up and running. IP:

PGARK 7778/27017

Please leave feedback on this testing platform as it is new to us and maps might need some tweaking as well as modifiers.

Happy gaming.

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