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Overwatch UGC Comp Team 1

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Howdy folks, the UCG League is starting up again and we are looking to bring at least one team to it. To sign up for this you will need to meet the following guidelines.


  1. ADK Member
  2. Be at least gold and maintain it throughout the season
  3. Be able to play at least 2-3 champs in your desired role- DPS, Tank, Healer
  4. Be able to be on at least 2 nights a week- One for scrims/practice and other for playing 
  5. Absolutely have to be available Thursday night for game night. 

How to sign up:

  1. Go to UGC site and creat an account http://www.ugcleague.com/join_ow.cfm
  2. Comment below that you would like to play
  3. Link your schedule of nights available to play and your main role with preferred champs
  4. Link your battletag in your comment saying you want to play

Team comp goals:

  1. 2 Core tanks with 1 sub
  2. 2 Core healers with 1 sub
  3. 5-6 rotating DPS
  4. 1 spot is reserved for a staff member to manage team. They can also play if they are good enough but a playing spot is not reserved for them
  5. One member must be able to stream or record games for possible disputes

Objectives for the season:

  1. Represent ADK as well as possible in loss or victory
  2. Win the whole damn thing
  3. Increase the overall elo of each member playing
  4. Build the ADK Overwatch community more

Schedule for the season: http://www.ugcleague.com/schedule_ow.cfm

How to get a preferred spot: 

  1. Be a proud owner of the legendary fishing rod in WoW for Green's approval 
  2. Have a delicious chicken recipe for Kernal's approval 
  3. Send a D-VA Body pillow to Liz for Liz's approval
  4. Have an absolute fire mixtape for Seans' approval

Current people signed up:

  1. YGSean
  2. Arveaus
  3. Rickster
  4. Bubblegummachine
  5. exstoerm




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You already know i'm in. And to all those interested, remember that mixtape better be fire!

Availabe: 5:00 PM Central

Role: Tank: Reinhardt, Roadhog, D.VA

Preferred: Tank or DPS

Main: Reinhardt, Soldier 76, Genji.


Rank: Platinum

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*cough* One of the winners of 3v3 tournament *cough*

I would love to be part of the team. 


Rank: Master

Main: Mccree, Soldier, Roadhog

Preferred: DPS or Tank

Can heal if needed. 

Pretty much available any night (Preferred weekends) but can't stay up past 9:00 pm (pacific time) due to school.  


Edited by Arveaus

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Im in :D Cough Cough *i Got 3rd place and i also want to play with my bb and Sensei* Cough Cough



Mains: Genji Mccree Rein Soldier

Role Dps Tank can heal if necessary

Available every night and afternoon until 11 pm central time

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*hack cough cough* got second place in the first 3v3 tournament so uh... I guess im *cough* kinda okay


Mains: Zarya, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Symmetra 

Preferred: Tank. but if needed I can play support

Rank: Diamond 

I'm available any time I'm needed. 

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It would be awesome to be part of the team.


I'm a proud flex player. I can play every hero besides Sombra, Widow, and Hanzo to a basic level of competency. Out of principle, I have no main, but the heroes I currently feel comfortable playing in a competitive environment are: All Supports, All Tanks, Soldier, Tracer

Rank: Platinum

I am available 7 PM EST or later every day and anytime on the weekend with advance notice.

Edit: I also follow the pro scene and am really interested in theory crafting and strategy of the game so I think I could contribute significantly in that area.

2nd Edit: I can record games if desired, in a luscious 60hz 1440p.

Edited by eXStoerm

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I'm a DPS player through and through but i'm competent on Ana and Lucio as well.

I main Pharah and secondary Soldier and Genji 

Strengths : Aiming and Clear mind, I dont really get nervous and can play my best throughout a super close match. 

Weaknesses : Pretty Horrid decision making. I'm your guy if you need someone to dive healers with 0 fear but i tend to do it really often. So someone being able to say "Hey chill out for a bit play safe" would be almost required for me to not have a record high deaths.

Rank : Platinum

Available Essentially anytime. I have basketball practices at 3pm - 10pm 2 days a week and hit the gym for my own training pretty often but i'd be able to play whenever i really choose / have to.




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DJKhaled#11622 (I didn't realise you only got one free change)

Heroes: Pharah, Zarya, Zenyatta, Reinhardt, and Soldier if needed. I can also play pretty much anything else outside of McCree and Sombra.

Strengths: Accuracy, strategy, timing, communication. I recently did an overhaul on my desk arrangement and settings and have increased my aim over %10 across the board with the exception of a few heroes with more and less.

Season high: 2650. Current: 2590. (about)

Availability: 4:30pm to 12am CST is my range of when I'm available or playing

Can also stream / record games.

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Preferred heroes:

DPS:          Soldier, McCree, Widowmaker

Healers:     Ana & Zen (My Ana is god tier)

Tanks:        Zarya, Roadhog

Flanker:      Tracer, Reaper

(Can play D.Va, Junkrat, Mercy, Mei, and or Winston as the situation calls for.)

Hates to play: Torb, Rein, Symmetra & Mei

BUT can do whatever is needed to help the team win.

Current season rank: Plat (although this is not a good representation of my capabilities)


Weaknesses: Sh*t internet, so no streaming.
I make a fantastic follower or secondary leader. Not strong on primary leading 100% of the time. Must be in the right mindset to do it properly.  


Why =ADK= should have Cobra on the team roster:

Solid skill across the board with multiple heroes in every class.
Supportive of IGL’s calls and can help with strats with from my background in the competitive scene. (Mostly CSGO)

Strengths: Pure-aim, Communication, Game-sense, Decision making, Hero section & Commentary Team Comps, Patience with teammates.


Available most nights, later is better for me. (Sundays are iffy)

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Count me in!

Available: High Noon EST

Role: Fill

Main: Ana, Pharah, Reinhardt, 


Rank: Platinum

Recipe: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/8975/chicken-parmigiana/?internalSource=rotd&referringId=201&referringContentType=recipe hub&clickId=cardslot 1


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I'm down to win some games with some buds. 

B.net: IanTheLegend#11127

Role: anything really

Mains of each role:
DPS: Soldier, McCree, Sombra
Defense: Mei, Torb, Hanzo
Tank: Roadhog, Zarya
Support: Ana, Lucio

Rank: Plat

Where am I supposed to send this body pillow to? 

Edited by Ian

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Available: Basically any time after 12 PM EST. I can make myself available. I do PREFER evenings, but I can make any time work.

Role: Support 

Main: Lucio, Mercy, Ana

Working on: Zenyatta


Current rank: Platinum. 

Strengths: I listen to the team but am also able to make calls. I'm available to play very often (Flexible schedule). I don't  tilt super easily, I tend to keep a pretty level head throughout the game. I've mostly played support for my entire Overwatch career, so I have a lot of experience in the role. 

Weaknesses: Won't be able to stream because my FPS may flicker too much for me. My Zenyatta is not great, I'm working on it, but it's definitely my weakest support hero. 

Edited by Liz

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Availability : Usually after 4pm to 11 am EST

Role : DPS

Main : Reaper, Soldier, Hanzo

Bnet : Galaxy#12871

Current Rank : Platinum

Strengths : I be a team player, make callouts, and I am very focused and take the game seriously.

Weaknesses : At night time my internet crashes from time to time

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