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1/13/2017 Inhouses: Poll Results & Information

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The winning gamemode is All 1 Hero(Hanzo), We're all Soldiers now, and The Real Meta!


3 Gamemodes?

Yep! There was a three way tie for first place. We've had a tie in the past, but never one to this extent. However, that's absolutely fine! We'll have a night filled with fun game modes. 

How will these modes be played?

All 1 Hero (Hanzo) is exactly how it seems. The map will be randomized, but we'll be sure if it's a payload map (Lets say Watchpoint Gibraltar for example), it will be done in the competitive mode meaning that you will play both attacker and defense before a winner is decided. That way there is no unfair advantage depending what side you're placed on. We're all Soldiers now will work in the same way as the Hanzo game mode.

The Real Meta will consist of all bastions, on control point maps. Bastions will also have 75% health, and you are NOT allowed to deploy into turret mode. 

Will this mode last for the entire duration of the inhouse?

Depending on how long these modes last, and how the people that are at inhouses are feeling about them, we may or may not add in some Competitive 6v6. I will say it is very likely we will end up doing some competitive matches during the night.

How will the inhouse be set up then?

We will go in order of how they were on the poll. Some games of all Hanzo, some games of all Soldier, some games of all Bastion. After that we will likely go back to competitive 6v6 unless enough people wish to play more of these gamemodes. :)



We hope to see all of you on Friday! 

Thank you to everyone who voted on our poll located here! We are happy to announce the modes that we will be playing this week are All 1 Hero (Hanzo), We're all Soldiers now, and The Real Meta. If your desired mode was not selected, please make sure to cast your vote next week! It will be up on Friday, as soon as inhouses have concluded.


Remind me, when are inhouses?

Inhouses take place on Fridays at 9 PM Eastern/8 PM Central. You are welcome to bring your friends to participate with us, but we do ask that they join us on discord. 

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