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ADK Overwatch Stocking Event

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Howdy folks, as the Holidays come around the Overwatch Section here at ADK would love to give you a chance at getting your own gift from us. SO we will be giving away two Pachimaris to the winners of our contest.


Contest rules

  1. Submit a photo of you dressing up a stocking with an overwatch theme by December 20th
  2. Must be your work
  3. Top 2 most liked photos will be awarded as the winners
  4. Voting stops December 20th at 11 pm central.
  5. Must be an ADK Member by the time event ends


  1. Top 2 will each be given a pachimari plushy and a special forum awards
  2. All other participants will be given a forum award.


If you have any questions feel free to pm me or any of the overwatch staff. Good luck guys, cant wait to see your creations!!!!!




**************************************************************** Below is an example of what we want

example stocking.jpg

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I got my stocking finished! Had to scale it down a fair bit from my original plans because I had to finish it by tonight, but oh well!


1. Took an old tshirt and cut two even stocking shaped pieces. 

2. Fabric glued them together, then flipped inside out to have prettier seems. 

3. Added lil hook thing with more fabric. 

4. Made 5 even circles and free handed an overwatch symbol with pencil crayons on each one. Glued them to the top as my creative take on the white fluffy part at the top of stockings  

5. Found the lil chibi lucio and printed it, then glued it on. 

6. Added the #1 quote, CAN'T STOP WON'T STOP! Then glued it on. 

It is a fully functional stocking, things do fit inside. Happy holidays everyone. :)



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WEW! Got it done!

First thing was to make a pattern of a stocking and cutout the design I wanted to applique to the stocking. Second, I cutout 2 layers from black quilt and cut a hole for the chiffon to show through with the lights.



LIGHTS! I wanted to do lights from the beginning so I wanted to do that as cheaply as possible so I scavenged a few LED flickering candles, took out the LEDs and made this thing. I didn't feel like making a proper enclosure for the batteries so I just glued some aluminum foil to a piece of cardboard to act as the ground and a reflector for the lights.



Now, for the finished product!




Dog tax. This is my dog, Fletcher.


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Event has ended. Your more than welcome to put up any stockings you make for christmas here, but the winners are @Lizand @iQue 

Please get intouch with @QuirkyTurtleto get your prize and I will get you your forum badge in the next few days.

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