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Hey whats going on ADK COMMUNITY , 

          unloadin-ss- checking in. I joined and recently been playing alot due to this gaming community. I Never was really into computer games until my cuzzin introduced me to it we went to a lan center called Rivalution in san jose ca from there i was hooked.  Well ive been gaming for a long time since cs 1.3 to cs 1.6 played source as well now im on this csgo tip. Ive been on a lot of teams ranging from main to invite. My invite team was zomblers for cs source. I played Main with cmc / xdef / asnl we went premier 1.6. I went to tons of tournaments placed 1st. Traveled to Portland for PDX LAN for source a long time ago.  

for more info / youtube clips as well you could check out my esea page https://play.esea.net/users/1206811


thanks i hope to game with you all !

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Welcome to ADK. I used to play a bit of CSGO, but never was that good at it. It's cool to see someone who seems to have a lot of experience and skill. Hope you enjoy yourself with all of the CS players here. (: They're cool guys! Hope to see you around. 

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