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What's happening with Battlefield

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some of you might wonder what's happening with battlefield, you can't find #5 EU Lockers or #7 US Metro No Explosives. as you most certainly must have noticed is by the release of BF1 the population of BF4 took a huge hit and didn't really recuperate. this meant we were sitting with empy server for most of the time, servers that cost alot of money each month. what we decided was to cut the BF4 server, keep the BF3 server for a month and try to get donations for that one.

now when it comes to BF1, DICE released an incomplete game, the game it self is fun no doubt but it lacked the fundamental of a multiplayer FPS... the option for ppl and communities to rent their own server. then they released a BETA server rental programme with basically no functionality. at start it worked and we got people into the server. but we could not advertise in any way in the server except for manually writing in chat and greet people. many of the players just use the quickmatch option and that one also populated our BF1 servers, and everyone else's rented server. obviously there were some people getting mad by this and cried to DICE so they simply removed the rented servers from quickmatch. thus effectively killed every rented server.

this is of course bad for us as a community. DICE is saying that they are working on a solution but that doesn't help us today. so basically what we are doing is hanging in here waiting for DICE to release a proper rental server programme with admin tools and hopefully some way to get included into the quickmatch algorithm.

so I am asking everyone, please be patient. we will get our official ADK server as soon as possible so we all can get a place to call "home" because I believe that is what we in the battlefield section of ADK wants.

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@Darknae , i seem to be playing BF4 all the time on fully active servers. Maybe there should be a change up in terms of who we are attracting people to the server or servers. In order to keep servers active it also takes the community to help out and realize there is still a large active body of players who are in BF4. I know for my self i prefer 4 over 1 even though i have 1, its way to lacking in servers and game types. If anyone who is wanting someone to play BF4 with please message me as i play regularly and on active and full servers.


Thank you,


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well my Fav server (was) metro #7, I don't want to mention the name of other metro servers but for real guys they are always full. and ppl queuing up to join ....


however I don't want to brag, but sometimes I wait players to join for hours and in fact few from ADK members which are on my list, join and sometimes not. but when we are  3 or 4 suddenly in few mintues ppl starting to join and we end up like 30 players.


I have also noticed that other servers their members will populate the server like 10 of them they join, once the server starts going. then they disappear which I find really a good strategy, it used to be like that on Metro here were ADK members populate the server and keep it going. but not anymore ... I don't think it was BF1 which causes the low pop may be in the first few weeks but after people just gave up.







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population went down. we had TDM #5 that almost always populated it self. then we had US#1 Conquest that started to have problem. we first cut US#1 and after a while we cut TDM #5. I was here almost everyday pre launch of BF1 and yes it was a little harder but #7 Metro got populated. after launch of BF1 nope, same for EU #5. in 2 weeks of trying to populate it I think I got it populated 2 or 3 times. now I played at around 4-6pm EST maybe Metro got more players a little later.

however since we had a conquest, a TDM and a No Expl. Metro and none worked to satisfactory lately I really don't know what to do. I think 1 64-player server cost about $80

this is alot for hosting nothing, we are dependent on players and potential new members and donors to keep the servers alive. I'd love to have a BF4 server. and I basically only played Metro No Expl.

everyone is of course welcome to give their view and feedback on this matter.

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been very afk for a while, had some personal stuff to sort out. come back to find it all gone.. propper sad face. not even got round to bf1 yet... i do have my own bf4 server though... been playing with a mate having sniping contests lol .. do miss bf4 tho...

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@Pete300 we are all waiting for DICE to release a proper rental server program. only so far they've released announcements about it.

as soon as they release a working solution with admin control we will kick it up and bring back BF to it's former glory



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