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Second Generation

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So far this is all rumor and conjecture by the research community for the game but it looks like Niantic is prepping for a major update in December.  Some believe we might see battling or trading implemented but more than likely the data mining shows that we could be seeing Gen 2's 100 Johto region Pokemon joining the game.  The game code already has been expanded to receive 100 more Pokedex numbers and with Ditto now being live it seems that the final Gen 1 complication (transform) has been hammered out it's only a matter of time before gen 2 comes rolling out.

Again this is all rumor and guessing right now but share your thoughts on this big secret December update.

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Hopefully they add gen 2 or another big feature soon. Now that I have most of the Pokemon in the game now it'll be nice to have another reason to get back into the game. I'm sure they'll at least do another event for the holidays but with it being winter I don't know how many people will want to go outside and play the game.

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