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Anyone else Vegan / Vegetarian ?????

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I just started eating 90% vegan a few weeks ago. Cut out all meats completely...however still having a hard time with dairy. Just seeing if anyone else eats this way? Do you have any helpful tips or recipes that you like?? 


Just looking for some other plant-based diet friends!!

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Due to enviromental reasons, and also for an interesting change in lifestyle, the only meat that i eat is wild game. Decided to do this just over a year ago, so even though i'm not a "proper" vegeterian i rarely cook with meat. I can't give many tips on cooking without dairy or eggs but when it comes to making purely vegetarian meals i've got some recipes. I mean, i love to use chick peas. They're very versatile. You can make hummus, falafel, falafel burgers. Besides that i use a lot of beets, parsnips, sweet potato, mushrooms, rice etc. 

You should always incorporate alot of hearty wholefoods like nuts, beans, brown rice, lentils and etc into most of the stuff you cook because it's filling and often easy to make.


Some vague recipes

Curry chips (Fries?). Get some potatoes, or sweet potatoes, and slice them into preferred thickness. Boil them in salted water for three minutes. Plunge them in ice water to cool them down quickly and then dry them on some paper. Mix 2 tablespoons of curry powder, some salt, some minced garlic and a bit of oliveoil. Baste the potatoes with the curry mixture, place them on a greased up tray and bake for roughly 10 minutes on each side. I usually bake at 220, which is about 420 fahrenheit i believe.

Chickpea burgers. Mix 200 grams of chickpeas in a food processer. Add a bit of oil, for moisture, and proceed to add one chopped onion, 1-2 cloves of garlic, some feta cheese and an egg. Mix all of that together with some spices of your own choosing, and then add breadcrums until you get a decent consistency that's good enough to form into a patty and fry.

To make that recipe vegan i guess you could exchange the cheese for some kind of vegan cheese, or maybe just a bit of almond butter. You could remove the egg and just add more breadcrums, or flower, in the hope that it binds it together.






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@Siren_Solstic89 alot of ppl have problems with dairy products. fortunately I have no problem because I would die if I could't drink my milk

I honestly feel the same way! I love almond milk, but you can't beat a cold glass of real milk with oreos!

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