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What's your favorite add-on?

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Addons for World Of Warcraft i use are

1. Deadly Boos Mods

2. Recount

3. Collectionshop

4. GottaGoFast

5. LootAppraiser

6. Omen Threat Meter 

7. SexyMap

8. TradeSkillMaster

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I mostly use Elvui, weakauras, and DBM/BIGWIGS. Guild uses Exorsis Raid Tools as well.

If anyone is looking for dps meters, forget about recount! Details is where its at. It is WAY more accurate! You can also change your name to a custom name My brewmaster appears as "Many Kegs" and my druid is "PEW PEW LAZORZ" haha!

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I would highly recommend an add on called GTFO for people looking to do higher m+ and raids of any kind. It audible warns you when you are taking damage you arent supposed to be AKA fire.

Really helps with self awareness and can prevent a lot of problems for the rest of your gorup

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This is going to sound extremely elitist, but I my favorite add-on is recount.  When I used to play to raid hardcore, I always had to have the highest damage numbers; if not, I pushed myself harder in rotation, gear, and spec so that I could further progress my contribution.

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