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Space Engineers, a game capable of ANYTHING!

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Space Engineers, A game Capable of ANYTHING!









Space Engineers is an Open Sandbox game revolving around space. The game is still in Alpha despite coming out in 2014 as a steam “early access” game.  In this game, you have to minecraft, and build to survive. The game is developed by KEEN SWH LTD and has already accomplished so much in the first 2 years of early access.  Last year it won the Players Choice Indie Game of the year 2015 for its unique concept on sandbox games.  In the next few Paragraphs, I will cover more about the game and my honest review of it.  


Forging a new path for Sandbox Games!

Space Engineers is not just like any other Sandbox game out there!  It is designed with a realistic physics and realistic volumetric engine with true damage models.  What does that mean, well, if you build a structure on four pillars, and take the pillars out, the build will fall, break apart, and if you are in the way, it will kill you in the process?  With the volumetric aspect of the game, weight plays an enormous factor in the game.  Too much weight on one side of a ship will affect the movement, take off, and landing of the craft.



Late 2015/ early 2016, the developers added planets to the game in response to an overwhelming request from the many players for the game.  With that be added, the physics engine, was applied to the planet and the new wheeled options added as well.  Planets have gravity and some have an atmosphere of oxygen.  There are 3 types of planets, the Earth like planet, Mars type planet, and the Alien planet.  Each planet is different experience in its own way and I will cover more about those later.  The great thing about this is your can change the make a footprint on the planet that will stay over time!  Just like Minecraft, you can manipulate the environment around permanently for all to see and share!


Single Player Survival and Creative Worlds

When starting the game out for the first time, it is highly recommended to play the Single Player Survival.  There are multiple different scenarios to choose from.   Some examples are Easy Start Earth, Easy Start Mars, Easy Start Alien, Crashed ship on planet earth, Planetary Lander, Easy Start Space, and a few more to boot.  Now, you still have the Creative and Survival option on those scenarios listed.  On top of that, there are advanced options where you can adjust the size on maps, how many planets, which type of planets, how many asteroids, sizes of asteroids, pirates on or off, and aliens and cyber hounds (the two type of mobs on planets, I will cover more of that later).  Recently, the development team has again been listening to the players.  They added a 2 new advance options.  One allows for an infinite world, that is if your computer can handle the beautiful graphics and rendering this game has.  The second it an integration of the steam workshop where they add random ships and stations created by other players stranded in outer space!

Creative play is Amazing!

Creative play in this game is incredible!  The options the game provides you with makes is just outstanding.  Like every other Sandbox game, Creative allows you to do anything in the world you want without any of the normal limitations set in survival.  However, so of the extra stuff, the more Space Engineers specific items is Copy and Paste!  Yes, that’s right, you can place the cursor of the ship you made press CLT-C and then paste into the world the same way you would on any computer document anywhere in the world.  Not only that, there is a symmetrical mode in the game that will allow you to duplicate half the ship.  So, you build one side of the ship, let’s say the left side.  With Symmetrical mode on, you can duplicate that to the other side allowing you to make perfectly shape mechanics!  To boot, the game also has a Blue print function.  This allows you to point the cursor at the ship or station, and save the blueprint to be used by you later or saved on the Steam Workshop for others to use.


Single Player Survival!


In single player survival, there are many different options you can chose from when it comes to scenarios.  The key factor to this though is like every other Sandbox game out there.  FIND A SPOT WITH LOTS OF RESOURCES!  Now, that does not mean there are no enemies to contend with in the game!  Oh no!  There are pirates both in space and on some of the planets and moons!  They will find you and try to kill you if you are close to them!  To add to the dangers of the universe, alien planets have large spiders that are super aggressive!  And planet earth also has Cyber Hounds that are just as aggressive.  These are be turned off or left on when selecting the Scenarios.

Multiple player Mode!


Ok, so, let me start with the truth.  Multiplayer mode is still new and the dev’s are still learning when it comes to this.  However, Space Engineers has a great concept to it when it comes to Multiplayer!  Space Engineers use what they call factions, which can be created by any player.  Factions are basically a Clan or Guild.  With Factions, you can send peace treaties or even place them in a war status.  This will affects how your faction see and interacts with other players from other factions. If you go to peace with a Faction, they become neutral and show us as white on radar, beacons, or when you come into view.  If you are at war, they show up as red!  Red means that your automatic defensive systems will open fire when in range.  When they are in your faction, they will show up as white.  


Now, to add to this, because multiplayer Sandbox are the shit, this allows you to do a lot with factions.  For example, if a member in your faction builds a Medical Bay (By the way, this is what you use to heal and re-spawn into), you can use it can spawn into there base or ship.  It is a great function to get team members together.  There is a downside to that.  With the exception of you killing yourself or exiting the server, you can not re-spawn to another terminal.  Last I heard, this was being addressed and looked at, and I am interested to see what the solution to this problem will be.


The most interesting thing with Multiplayer in Space Engineers is the ability to do whatever you want!  If you want to join a faction, you can.  If you do not, they you do not have to.  Most servers are open to whatever the community can come up with.  There are some limitations when it comes to builds, welder walls, about of grinders, and what has to be on a base or a ship to prevent it from disappearing on a server cleanup program.  However, when it comes to options of style of game play, it is limitless.  Right now, for example, there is a small group on the Andromeda PvP server that act as Earth Terrorist!  But, there is another group that keep the Moon Space port open to free trade by acting and calling themselves the Moon Police Department!  A few lone wolfs operate as contractors and will design and build bases or ships for a fee!  Well others operate as pirates in space.


When it comes to servers, they operate just like ARK, Minecraft, H1Z1, or Battlefield.  The servers are operated by a group or a community.  They have free reign on what modifications they want to run on it, how the scenarios will play out, or even what type of spawns will be allowed.  So, there will allows be something different on every server you spawn into.  Nothing will ever be the same.


My take on the game!


Ok, so here it comes, my honest take on the game.  So, I will be a little biased, but it is understandable.  One, I love the flexibility that sandbox games allow people to come up with. Two, I have been playing this game since 2014 when they released it for early access.  However, it is one of those game were the learning curve is severe.  That is the honest truth!  It requires you to do some learning and playing with before you get any good at it.  Also, it is based off the players or communities imagination.  It is not a game with a story line or clear defined objectives.  it is based off the communities and the players to detail the play style.


The Pro’s

  1. Sandbox game, always a plus for me!

  2. Creative mode is one of the best I have ever played or seen!

  3. Realistic physics and realistic volumetric engine with true damage models!

  4. A Huge Community that is active with new modifications, blue prints, scripts, and skins!

  5. Player run servers that allow for a different multiplayer scenario on every server.

  6. Faction system is outstanding!

  7. Planets!  Need I say more!


The Con’s

  1. Multiplayer is still suffering glitches.  They get fixed quick, but still a small annoyance.

  2. Serve learning curve to this game!  Not a game that your jump right into.  It takes time, being frustrated A LOT, to learn to be good at this game.

  3. Player limits on servers are low.  Most Servers being between 30-40 players at a time.


ADK has a Faction on a Server right now!  We have 4 members, Hansjob, 2 new players, and myself of course.  So, feel free to jump in if you have the game, and hit me up in Discord.  More information is on the forum topic http://www.adkgamers.com/forums/topic/153399-lets-get-this-game-going-request-for-space-engineers/?page=2#comment-541357 .



WastedSpace - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChn50gGegULImIZsoBQ06Cg

Eustace The Monk - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IkkcU_jHAq8

TGN - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVXIl8kDnBLlpbpukSZyluw

Worth a Buy - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCywBfpGBYhsczNuyyh6Cf6w

Karma Cat - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdBmcdRGNVbtcGalous99-g

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