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ZombiU New Zombie Game!

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This game created by Ubisoft, it looks very realistic and unique cause you only have ONE life to survive. If you die, your character will turn into a zombie and you will play as another character to continued your mission

Here is the video


Edit: if this is the wrong section, an admin can move to the correct place, thanks Edited by Beltway

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[quote name='Rexperience' timestamp='1345859217' post='43167']
Ohh 1 life !!

Yeah! Very unique and if u notice, you can't escape from zombies as easy as L4D2 or any other Zombies games, they actually can grab you if you are very close. Even if you try to crawl to a hole, the zombies can pull you out. Very Scary, very creepy, Very fun, Very unique! Let's hope they release for PC which i very doubtful about it.

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[quote name='Vilefaith' timestamp='1345871563' post='43209']
If its actually as good as it looks I will buy a Wii and the controller just for it...I'm a HUGE Survival Horror fan.

same! too bad i can't buy wii until i work. aswell RE6 :D

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I doubt it will be for the normal Wii since it appears to be designed completely around the Wii-U controller. I am not 100% sure there wont be a variation for other systems but I doubt it with the way they use the Wii-U controller.

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