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What does your name mean to you

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A few days ago i was having an interesting discussion with @Rosebud and if i remember correctly @anumaz about why i decided to name my self KernalSpicyWeiner. My name is an ode to a good friend who is no longer with us in this life.  ive known him since grade school and from about first grade when we had a member of the military come in and do a presentation.since then he has always wanted to be a colonel in the army. that was his whole life. he had military posters all over his room, he had all the outfits, he would try to talk like them, walk like them, and train like them. one day before his deployment we decided to celebrate him being in the army. he was one step closer to becoming a colonel. we would poke fun at him by calling him kernal and he would get made but it was all good fun. as the party progressed we all got completely wasted and i dont remember much of that night but the one thing me and all the other people who were their can remember is he some how ended up putting Tabasco sauce on his *junk* and was trying to lick it for a solid hour maybe even two hours. it was funny as hell.  he finally went on his deployment and unfortunately he never made it back. us trying to lighten the situation that had happened to help cope with the loss we would refer to him as kernal spicy weiner. and i use that name to remember who he was as a good friend and a person. this isn't meant to be a sad story but its the story that is how KernalSpicyWeiner became the name i use.  

What i  wanted this post to be about is to tell us what your name means to you.if you just got it from a randomizer or if you have a story  behind it if you could share that would be amazing. i was just curious how many other people have a story behind their name. thanks for the read :)

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Oooh I have a few stories about names. First of, Liz comes from Elizabeth, which is actually my middle name. Shocking. 

Erichan, which most of you know me ingame as, comes from a friend I have that lived in Japan. I was looking to change my league of legends name to something that wasn't as dumb as my last one, so he decided Erichan was cool enough. It kind of stuck. Unfortunately a lot of people call me Eric. 

Previously to that I was LIZTHELIZARD. All caps required. Some guy I used to game with would always call me Lizard, so I went with that for my first league of legends name. I suppose you can see why I switched.

Now, for my first screen name ever. I'm currently 19, but I've been playing a game called Command and Conquer: Renegade since I was 6. I had always played on my dad's account, but when I was about 11 or 12 I decided I wanted my own name. His name in game had always been Roscoe, so we added my (kind of) initials to make it personalized. That is when Roscoeejp was born. Lets just say that name died alongside the game I had it in. 

This was a fun question. I enjoy looking back on my reasoning for what I had everyone call me. 

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21 hours ago, anumaz said:

The story behind my name isn't very special. I took 10 minutes of my time and gambled with letters on the keyboard to make something that sounded OK

Ended up with anumaz :P

lol wut 


And interesting way to come up with a name to say the least  haha

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well my name derives from a rarely used name for the Roman Godess of funerals, Naenia.


I was looking for a name for my little gnome mage in WoW and ended up with Naenia. then further on when the Draenei and Shamans were introduced to the Alliance I started a Draenei healer shaman named Nae. from that point all my charachters were based on "nae" like Naens, Naenalie and when the death knights came she got named Darknae (yes 95% of my charachters were female) because well death knight = dark :P and from that point it has been my go to name pretty much in every game where it is available

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