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When the time has come

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I have decided to leave ADK it was a hard decision to make and go on with life. I want to thank everyone that has played with me and hd to put up with me in the past it was a hard choice ill hop in discord from time to time and say hi but as everyone knows life has to come first. thanks ADK for being there and felt like a family of gamers to play with.


We had had our laughs and fun time's


@AOBLXIX You helped me threw some times when i was hammerd on TS 

@Marcinkoman We are still going to vegas ok.

@Wacko920 He just wacko, always had good advice, hates his ex wife with a passion 10/10 would get beer with.

@VinasSol Vina died and came back.

And to anyone i forgot i love u




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You were the first ADK admin I met in the ADK BF3 Metro server and in TS. We had a lot of great times there and in BF4. We griped at each other, you about your M16A3 always killin me and me with the bipodded M60....lol. You were and are a truly fun member to play with and against. I always admired your skills and truly enjoyed all of the hackusations and mainly your in-game replies to those hackusations.....lol. I associate those Metro servers to players like Dynasty, as it was your turf, man....Though I've been away due to irl stuff, I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your gameplay and antics! Thanks for providing me with many many hours of fun and knife opportunities and first hand witnessing of your gaming skills and humor! You will be missed, brother! My best wishes to you!

Cheers to one if not the best BF player I had the privilege of playing with and against!


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