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Progress and release

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With the releases of patches becoming more consistent and timely release is looking closer than ever I am thinking of seeing a full release within the next two years. When do you all think that the game will be released.

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Hard to say for sure. I'm thinking beta around the end of 2017. 4.0 (or maybe it'll be beta 1.0) will probably be around then and I think that will include the first jump point to a new system. We'll also get several more professions throughout 2017, and their ship production will ramp up significantly, especially after SQ42 is released.


At this point I think the limiting factor on release date is how fast they can pump out new star systems. Perhaps they'll release the game without the full compliment and add more progressively after release. In that case I think end of 2018 for release isn't unreasonable. But if they want to wait for release for all of the 107 star systems that were promised for launch in the stretch goals I think it may take longer.

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Development, as expected, is an exponential curve when it comes to delivered content over time. I think we will have most of the game by the end of next year. That includes access to most if not all the game mechanics. The interesting thing is unless CIG stops pushing out content at some point, we will really just roll into the main game instead of having a 'release'. The release is just a milestone we will pass as opposed to a traditional AAA game launch. The biggest milestone will be when the database switches from beta persistence to official persistence (along with the ship sales ceasing). 

I don't think the 107 systems will push release back to late 2018. The only thing that will cause that is a technical hurdle. But if 3.0 has the things it should have, and they are amazing... 2017 is looking pretty solid. The handcrafted content for each of the systems/ships/missions general content, will reach a pretty crazy cadence mid next year methinks. That is based on the growing momentum of this year compared to the previous three years.

We are barely out of port right now. We haven't reached top speed, we will really only be able to see the 'release' milestone when they have this thing fully opened up and shit is falling off of it. I bet will will hit that sometime in Q2 next year and by then everyone will have a pretty solid idea as to when the game will release. 

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Right now everything hinges on SQ42. If it hits a major roadblock or the launch gets delayed for any reason at all, it will add double the delay for the PU. If we get a full polished SQ41 Ep1 that doesn't blow up in their face on launch and it comes out anytime in 2017, I'll be happy. I don't expect the Full Online version to hit until mid 2018 at best.

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