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So I was going to write up a very different post, and put it in the Members Only Section, only to discover I am no longer a member. It has been stripped from me without my request. I was questioning if this was the place for me, but it’s clear that it’s not mine anymore. I know this will be scuttled off somewhere else or hidden, my mind’s already been made up for me so whatever.


It’s hard to refresh words that have been spoken with great volume over the past few weeks, finding new ways to say it is tough. I really don’t know what to say other than, I’ve been here once before. I didn’t think it would come back to this so soon but I’m at the end of my run, there’s no sense in prolonging it. Most of you won’t care, and that’s fine. 


I have been here before but when it was my time to depart, I didn’t make a whisper as to “upset” anything, but now I see it really was for naught.


For those who don’t know me, this was my home, the lifeblood of my free time since 2013. I hated it at times, but I was addicted to the schmucks that made up BF3 and would cement in as my homestead for the next several years. 


The people of ADK helped me get through a bought of severe depression. I was unemployed, in a new state with no friends, living out of my parents basement after calling it quits on my personal business and trying to make it on my own. I found a group of friends that didn’t give a shit what I did or didn’t do that day, they were just glad I was there and ready to have fun. Over time, I wanted to contribute more, and my friend @pepsi convinced me to put my media skills to use. I did what I knew best and wanted to start creating a strong presence for the community. Working with volunteers, and not undercutting anyone else, but actual labor had to go into the work that was done on graphics, videos, social media, etc., I was able to pull some favors and rope my unsuspecting friends into the work. 


And then everything changed. Within weeks, we were undercut, undermined, and flushed out. Feeling utterly dejected by a massive amount of bullshittery, we silently left the community, demoralized after spending half a year of sleepless nights between work and family to make our work something to be proud of. 


No Thank You when I left, no apology, no “we cool?” when I came back. I stuffed it down, because my friends were here. They were worth it….but the tone was very different.


I keep seeing posts, “What have you done for ADK?”, jingoism is great in small doses. It’s incredibly short-sighted though, as it’s not the common member’s fault. Countless voices of concern have been raised, only to be squelched with “You’re not doing enough”.  If they leave, they never did a single good thing in their life. I saw that when I left, and I’m seeing it now with others that have departed. Disgusting and disgraceful.


“Your friends are jumping off a bridge so you want to join them?”
The Bridge is on fire. 


I’m glad there is a small uprising of “we can fix this place”. I hope you do. I hope people have a place to gather, have FUN, and enjoy their free time. It is precious, and a terrible thing to waste. Maybe one day ADK will be what you make of it. Good luck, and thanks for the memories. 


I’d @mention people, but 95% of the people I want to mention won't see this or I’ve already said my piece so, a few special mentions:


@Pepsi, brother, I do not regret a single thing. I’d gladly do everything I did to try and help because I know just how much your heart was in this place, and it broke mine when I found out what was happening. 


@daisy0706, thank you. For everything. You were always incredibly supportive, and remain so. I should be so lucky to have someone so reliable. All those early mornings of getting ADK Twitter stocked up with tweets, Fun Fact Fridays and the like. You took something you knew pretty much nothing about, and learned it inside and out to help the community. 


@FrogyIA, we never really spoke, since the Media Team disbanded… I understand now though, and I apologize for putting a friend in a tough place. I understand you wanted to help me and help the community, even if it was overwhelming to you, you gave it your best shot. Thank you for what you did, and thank you for the good times.


@Snipe, @Dynasty, @ViperIt was always fun times in Battlefield. H1Z1 brought out the worst in people, but we’ll always have Battlefield. 


Good luck everyone else. 





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You now have the honor or being the first person removed from ADK membership without having tags while writing their post. I could comment more about leadership not saying bye to you or thanks for the work and so forth but I know the feel. Maybe you will get a PM like I did from someone up there but I wouldnt count on it since I heard that higher ups replying to our leaving threads was discouraged and jut let us go so no more drama starts ect ect ect.

I dunno. 

But in the end your my bro, your my blood, I hate you like a girl hates her period. Your a pain in the ass to deal with, make me sick and I curse you constantly but as long as you are around I know my life is not fucked cause I am pregnant. 

Much love <3333


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