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Final Goodbye.

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So here we go.


Many if not most of you will not know who I am, (I've been on leave for almost a year) but to those who do I want them to know that as of this post I am handing in my tags as an ADK member. 

Here are my reasons, they are not meant to throw shade or sound aggressive, but ADK has generated enough respect from me that I need to give them an explanation as to why I'm leaving. 


 This community is not the ADK I joined three and a half years ago. There was once a time where we were a mature adult gaming community, a time when you had to prove that you were a competent person who wasn't going to get hurt the first time someone teased them. That time is long gone. Values were shadowed in the mad rush from recruitment and leaders were pressured to accept new members not because of how they meshed with the community but how many posts they had. If you didn't recruit enough members to your section, obviously you weren't a good leader. We became so focused on growing our numbers and trying to please everyone that we forgot what attracted ADK's veteran members in the first place. 


Make no mistake, I've had a fantastic time with ADK over the past few years, I would never deny that and I don't wish for this post to take away from those years. Being able to lead Planetside 2, Minecraft, and News was a great experience. It's been a pleasure to call ADK my hope for this long. At this point I'm not leaving for anywhere, maybe just back to focusing on my life. 


Not going to mention anyone because one thing has never changed in ADK, news travels faster than an auto-admin ban. If you want to comment on this at all, please PM me instead of making a big deal about it in the comments.  



PS2 Outfit shit

Public Relations Nonsense

Writing and Stuff

Minecraft omfg so excited

Omg did I just hear a girl talk?

Official Sarcasm HQ

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I'm going to miss you @Phire, I'm here in this community because of you. Don't leave :(

Sent from my SM-S920L using Tapatalk

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I know who you are, I had played PS2 with you once or twice. I have realized after my 2 year leave all the greatest are leaving. I don't know what state ADK is in but it doesn't sound too good. I wish you all the best man.

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Sending you a message ? no everyone should know our opinion in you , and how much we have love for you .

You are one of few people that i will remember for the rest of my life , Never though that i will see you going away , not before i have the chance to meet you in RL , but i guess i was just dreaming , waking up every morning and having the idea that you are not part of ADK is really hard , and you know me better , if i said that i did not cry i will lie but i tried to hold my self like always but when a great person is leaving then no , feelings should come out . Cause they may not be here again , which is happening .

I really could understand what's going on , amazing people leaving , yea i know people come and go but i bet that we will find someone like you . I'm so angry , cause what is happening is something cant be stopped , maybe a bad sign , but as a person i cant stop it .

What im going to say next is something i hate to say cause it means goodbye , and i hate that word so much , it cause a lot of pain to me , no joking , beat me up and dont let me hear or say it , But what can i do , its the ******* life that i had to deal with from now and on , i'm going to yell it cause you are so special for me , you are unique , no joking , hope i can do something to prevent that from happening , but i guess i cant , my kindness cant do anything now . 

Now I Will yell this : YOU ARE AN AMAZING PERSON , SUCH A WONDERFUL GIRL , A GIRL LOVED THIS PLACE AS IT WAS A FAMILY , you gave everything for this family , EVERYTHING , you deserve such a great life LIKE YOU , Hope that one day that life can give me one chance , just one chance to see you , and everyone that was a part from me , I WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER YOU , i know maybe you will keep visiting ADK for few weeks from now and then its going to be the END , but i hope one thing , that you never forget me , not asking for much , i will lie at my self and say that i may see you again , but i will keep dreaming .

Everything is happening here in the last year was just like it was a drama movie , you don't know who will leave and why , now all whats in my mind is this : Who's next ? , and what next ? But one thing i'm sure about , i will not forgive anyone , anyone who is playing with ADK and anyone trying to Take ADK down in anyway , its the place where i feel peace in , a place where it was always makes me smile when i should be sad , ADK is a family for me and not forgiving anyone who's welling to take it down .

I will always miss you Phire , i wont forget this , and wont forget you for the rest of my life , don't forget me again my friend , plz don't .Thank you for everything and hope you always smile . Goodbye My friend :'( 


ADK Member - Laith SJ









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Well damn. Now who is going to criticize me for doing obviously stupid shit? D:

Never thought I'd be writing one of these, shit.

Even so definitely gonna miss you Phire! Always enjoyed hanging out with ya in Planetside 2 and shits. It was definitely some entertaining times o/

Wish you well and good luck!

Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G870A using =ADK= Gaming Community mobile app

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Bye Phire, have a good one!  I hate the move to discord myself and it's been painful to watch the community shrink.  You will be missed!

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