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ADK Ranked team Test run (NA)

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Im just going to come out and be honest right off the bat. ADK has made multiple ranked teams throughout its 4-5 years of pushing League and while those teams have been super fun to watch grow, play in, and coach for, they have really never worked out.

The reasons why these teams have not worked is mainly due to:

  1. Conflicting schedules
  2. Lack of interest
  3. No endgame

So to combat this, I will be listing out what all ADK is willing to do for this ranked team and what all the section can provide.

Things we are looking for in the members of our ranked team:

  1. Silver or higher elo
  2. Able to play 1-2 nights a week for at least 2-3 games
  3. Players who want to be in one main role (I'm all for flexing later on but i want someone in a role that they want to be in, not something they are good at)
  4. Willingness to be coached. What I mean by this is if the team presents a new pick for you or your coach does then be willing to try it out and make it work. You see lcs teams do this alllll the time, its how teams get new picks and new strats.
  5. Do NOT expect everything to be smooth sailing. This will be a test run and im willing to work however we need to.

Tryout and sign-ups:

  1. Sing-Ups will start today and will last till September 25th. You have during that time to comment below if you choose to change roles for trying out.
  2. To sing up you will need to link your LoLking, comment your role you wish to play, and comment what your time to play will be. Ex: http://www.lolking.net/summoner/na/28440659    I wish to play JG and I am free on Monday/Wednesday/ and Saturday nights from 8-2 A.M
  3. Try-outs will start the 26th of september with multiple comps being tried out and seeing what works. This will last for a minimum of 3 week or till however long we need to hash things out. People will not be allowed to sign up during this time. 
  4. Once tryouts have ended an official roster will be announced. People will be allowed to still tryout for team but we are still working on how we will handle that.

So this will be a work in progress but i hope to have a team of 5-7 players that can get together 1-2 nights a week and enjoy playing better and becoming better. As the team progresses I would like to enter them in an online tourney or a league series depending on availability.

What ADK can offer you as a player:

  1. A fun gaming environment to play and get better in LoL
  2. Tips and training from plat or higher players
  3. A stable area to practice in
  4. Prizes for performing well in tournaments
  5. A place to find more players to play with
  6. A chance to get dicked on in our inhouse nights :)


If you have any questions please please please contact me and ill be more than willing to help you figure anything out. Hope to see you all on the rift!


Current Sign-Ups:



Cherrycrush (will be gone during tryouts due to military, will be allowed to tryout once back)



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http://www.lolking.net/summoner/na/21671310 I wish to play Top or Support at the moment. 


I'm open on almost every night at the moment and to specify my super safe nights 

Monday 6pm-12pm PDT

Wednesday 6pm-12pm PDT

Friday 6pm-12pm PDT

Sunday 3-12pm PDT

Will update over time as schedule becomes more solid.

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Top/JG main, can mid in a pinch, but limited champ pool mid.  Will be at NTC during tryout period, but will leave App here when I get back from military which is mid Oct if you guys need someone.  

Free weeknights after 7.


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Yo! Hoping to join the community but i would like to tryout for this, sounds awesome!

ADC or them janglez!

Time: Anyday anytime from 7am - 8pm hawaii time.

Made it to plat 1 last season, plat 4 and plat 3 on other accounts and roles. Took about a 6 month break, been getting into it the past few weeks.. currently 2 accounts at gold 5 one adc main one jng/top main. Other account at silver 5. 



IGN: theATOMiCC is the one i play on the most, theATOMiC and Poros be OP is my other 2.

Edited by theATOMiC

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