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      =ADK= Discord Link   04/24/2017

      Come join us in =ADK= Discord To download the Discord app go here: https://discordapp.com/   Discord is going to have a small learning curve over teamspeak so be prepared, but the fellow members as well as the Admins will gladly help you if you have any issues with installing or using the app. Once you have Discord installed all that's left to do is click the button below.   Welcome to the future of the =ADK= Community.   Click Here To Join! 

Discord - Rules & Guidelines

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=ADK= is a gaming community focused on being a FUN place for it's members to make friends, meet, hang out, discuss and play video games.

We proudly uphold the right to free speech.  Please remember however that it is -a right-

  1. This does not excuse you from respecting legal restrictions including hate speech and illegal content
  2. This does not give you the permission to disrupt or violate others' right to freedom of speech
  3. Harassment, abuse or instigation of others is not tolerated
  4. We are still a community and strongly advise you to respect others, and minimize conflict in order to maintain our principles - people come here to relax and game, not typically to pick fights or start heated debate.  Deescalate situations when and where possible, remove yourself from the situation, and contact a Discord Admin should you have any concerns.

Failing to follow these prime rules will result in consequences: those breaking the rules will be dealt with appropriately with a just but firm hand, which may include a warning, kick, or ban.



Relevant Resources:

=ADK= Website     =ADK= Discord     Ban and Abuse Forums     Leadership Roster     General Community Rules     



The following rules are in respect to the rights, privileges and responsibilities of all users of our forum, voice and text chat services.



- Respect all admin requests.  If you believe a request is not made justly, feel free to contact a Discord Admin, relevant game-section admin, or submit an admin abuse report on the forums

- Respect others and use Push-To-Talk (PTT) when able.  If you are using voice activation please ensure it is not disruptive to others, and adjust your sensitivity or switch back to PTT if asked.  Voice activation is a privilege not a right

- Respect channel names/topics.  If an admin of the section feels that your are derailing or branching into a topic that is better off in another channel they are permitted to request for you to move.  Please promptly transition to the relevant section.  This rule also applies to keeping our 'fun-for-all' and lobby channels free of political chat and dark humour, as well as excessive picture or link spamming -- we have an NFSW spam channel for this so please use it

- First come, first serve.  With the exception of Lobby channels, any other channel and the topics and conversations therein are the right of whichever user was there first (within reason and while still complying with the above rules).  If you arrive to a channel and are asked by users within to leave you are encouraged to comply - if this becomes a recurring problem or you feel that users are abusing this rule please feel free to contact a Discord Admin or admins of the relevant game section

- Do not advertise other communities or post commercial links without the permission of a Veteran Admin or higher.  Do not advertise your own content (including Youtube and stream links) unless you are an ADK member.  Posts of this nature may be deleted at the discretion of admin staff



- All use of bots and bot-related games should stay within the relevant bot channels.  Users of bot functions outside the bot channel may be given a warning and relevant posts may be deleted at the discretion of admin staff

- No channel hopping, trolling, mic spam, music spam or otherwise disruptive behaviour.  Failure to comply will result first in a warning and/or immediate kick depending on the severity

- Do not record audio or stream unless all users in the channel have given their consent.  This rule is in place to uphold relevant recording laws for your own protection.  We are not responsible for any legal action against you that results from your failure to comply

- Malicious links and files are not permitted (This includes but is not limited to: graphic images, pornography, or any images depicting illegal activity).  We have an NFSW chat for more risque conversation topics - however the above are still not permitted community-wide in order to uphold relevant state laws. Posts of this nature may be deleted at the discretion of admin staff.

- Do not post links to others' steam profiles or otherwise request 'to report' a user for alleged hacking or misconduct.  Steam and other services have a report function for this.  If it is in regards to an ADK member and/or ADK server please visit our website's Ban and Abuse Forum HERE and submit the appropriate report, or contact an admin of the specific gaming section.  Posts that do not follow this rule may be deleted at the discretion of admin staff.

- Share personal information at your own risk.  We are not responsible for any consequences that follow.  Posts of this nature may be deleted at the discretion of admin staff.




Violations of any of the rules above, as subjective as they may be, will still follow a 'Warning before Kick/Ban' system.  Where, in the instance of channel hopping or otherwise disruptive behaviour a warning cannot be issued due to the actions of the user, a direct-message and/or immediate kick may be used.  Rejoining after a kick is allowed, however if problems continue or escalate you may be warned again before given a 24hr ban.  Bans will escalate further in duration based on severity and frequency of issues. Attempting to circumvent a ban using alternate accounts or IP's is not permitted, and will be dealt with harshly.

As mentioned above - if you feel that your rights have been violated, rules improperly enforced, or that an admin has abused their powers therein you are free to message a Discord Admin, VA, or file an Admin Abuse report [here].


Disclaimer: =ADK= Reserves the Rights to change these rules with or without knowledge before/during/after change. It is your responsibility to make sure you keep up to date on rules for =ADK= Gaming Community and its relevant gaming sections. We also reserve the right to remove anyone at anytime if we feel that their behavior is not acceptable in our servers EI: Forums/chat/Text/Game Servers with/without informing them per a Community Admin, Community Manager, or Founder request. 

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