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=ADK= League of Legends - Friends List

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Let's try to do some 5v5 ranked, yea i'm bringing that up again. Last time we had some issues with members and timing. We might be able to revive a LoL comp thread with more active players.

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I also had a question about the 5v5 ranked team: If say you (AOB are currently the leader) and you quit, will it pass the leadership onto the next person? I was going to ask you to do it. Sorry, but probably kick angel out, if not we could just make another one and try it with 3 ppl and see.

This would keep the ADK name and rankings but pass on the team to whoever is able to play. Say 7 ppl want to be comp, but we put 5 on the team. When one person (if he/she is the leader) cannot make it, they quit, and the team still stays.

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You guys that post here should really get on ts3. Not only does it help with the game (most of the time), but you get to find out new tips and tricks. We are also interested in people becoming LoL TS3 Admins (for obvious reasons there will be trolls that sometime come into the ts3), but you can setup friendly matches with those in our ts3.


There are a few requirements for LoL TS3 Admins, and to say the least is that you have to be an ADK member. Becoming a member gives you access to more information on the forums.


We will be waiting for you on TS3.

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summoner name:Memonas

server:EU west

lvl:30 (from season 1 xD)


currently not playing as much as i used to

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