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The Good, Bad, and Ugly On The 0.31.0 Update

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So after spending about a day and a half with this update I have my own thoughts about it. You might agree, you might disagree but this is how I currently feel about the game. 


The Good:

I haven't actually tested this out yet in terms of tracking my GPS and distance walked vs what the Pokemon GO app says. But since the update I feel as though it's been easier to hatch eggs and you aren't walking for what seems like an eternity for the last .1 km of the egg. So thank you Niantic for whatever you've done regarding hatching eggs. 

Another quick think I like although it does get annoying but they need to cover their butts is the popup when the game opens with different messages. 

To those of you who say that Niantic doesn't care. . . I'm not sure I believe that, and that's why I'm putting that in 'The Good' as I'm trying to be positive about the game. I personally just feel like they didn't realize that this game was going to take off and that parents and grandparents were going to be walking around with the young ones in the family playing this game. They've already made a job opening for a 'Community Manager' and it states all of the things that you say aren't being done currently. So hold your horses and stop the spewing the hate with things like, "The communication from Niantic sucks, this game sucks, and I QUIT!"


The Bad:

I've already talked about the 'Nearby Pokemon' stuff in another topic, but I say this is "bad" and not "ugly" because from what I've seen the Pokemon that are on that Nearby Pokemon screen are actually nearby. The reason why this is bad though is because you're not sure where the hell you need to go, and while it was kind of the same way before the footsteps made it easier to find those Pokemon. So please just bring back the footsteps! 

Another thing that i don't like it is seems that there are less Great and Ultra Pokeballs that you're given at Pokestops since this update. Which that would be fine, but please refer to my "Ugly" statement I'll be making below. 


The Ugly:

I'm sorry, but whatever they've done to the algorithm for catching Pokemon completely sucks.  I haven't had as many Pokemon run away from me as I've heard others, but what I have had to do is sit there and have to throw 14 regular Pokeballs, 3 great balls and 3 Berries at a yellow Growlithe. Which I did hear plenty of people saying this evening while at a Park on top of complaining about Pokemon running away more. And that's just plain stupid, especially when there's less Great and Ultra Pokeballs being provided at Pokestops. So there needs to be some middle ground somewhere.  If you're going to provide less Great and Ultra Pokeballs, then put it back to what it was before to catch Pokemon. Otherwise do something to help us out with the lack of Great and Ultra Pokeballs. . . like put them in the store to purchase or put them back on Pokestops more frequently. 


So overall I've had to change my way of playing the game due to whatever they've changed this update to make it ridiculous to catch anything other than a green Pokemon. And I'm fine with changing my way of playing the game currently, I'll just work on hatching more eggs right now and trying to stock up on Pokeballs if I don't waste them all trying to catch a Pokemon that I'm wanting to evolve, a Pokemon that I don't have, or a Pokemon with higher stats than one that I currently have. 


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I agree 100% with this post. Once in a great while, I can catch a pokemon with 2 balls. Once every blue moon, I can catch them with one ball. It kinda sucks that i have to sit at a pokestop for 2 hours and lose them all from a few pidgeys or something.

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