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PokeVision Offline At Nintendo/Niantic Request

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Well we can only say it was a matter of time before maps like PokeVision were taken offline. Yes, the site is still online but the functionality is offline for the time being. 

You can check out a tweet directly from PokeVision regarding a request from Niantic and Nintendo.


Who knows what will be happening with PokeVision, but for now all of you that have really been using PokeVision day in and day out to catch those 'rare' Pokemon, you'll have to go back to the old ways of walking around without having something to assist you :)

Personally, I'm all for things like maps not being able to be used because it does ruin the whole point of the game where you should be walking around trying to find those 'rare' Pokemon. But there's another side to the story right now where the tracking system is completely broken on Pokemon GO right now. Everything is seen at 3 steps away from you, but honestly how many of those Pokemon that are shown as 3 steps away are actually within that area? 

And yes, John Hankes himself has even stated that he doesn't agree with things like PokeVison or PokeRadar and that they are against the ToS, which is completely understandable (although I haven't read the ToS regarding API usage yet). . but please John, fix the Nearby Pokemon completely before you take away the map sites. 

So if you're going to take over 2 weeks to fix a VITAL part of the game (more below about the update), at least understand the use of the Pokemon GO Maps that are out there and let them stay active until you fix the game. While I don't think they'll lose a lot of players over this, I think that they will upset a large group of people because of the reason I just mentioned. 

Some of you might have noticed that you got an update for your Pokemon GO app recently which included the "Removed footprints of nearby pokemon". Now we can be optimistic to see if they actually fixed the Nearby Pokemon and it actually shows Pokemon who are nearby, or if they just removed the footsteps because it was annoying as all hell to see every Pokemon 3 steps away and never change from that. If you've had any luck with finding any of those "Nearby Pokemon" please let us know!


Now while I'm sure there's a lot of people that lived by PokeVision and PokeRadar, it's now time to get back to basics and start walking all over your Neighborhood and parks like what was happening within the first week of Pokemon GO release. So go out there and walk around, meet new people and have fun! 

Don't forget to share your sightings in our 'Safari Zone' section of the forums! 




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Honestly I'm not too discouraged by the nearby glitch. Honestly it makes it more like the game boy games. You can "track" a pokemon to its area but then to encounter it you have to wander around in the grass until it appears. The current state of the game sort of follows that ideology.

I'm happy that some of the more violently impatient people are quitting the game as they are fed up with how things are right now leaving more of us true fans who will play for the simple matter that it has Pokemon glued to the title. But sadly it's also turning some of the new comers away from the franchise who don't have the franchise loyalty and just see it as a buggy app.

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I guess I'm one of the odd ones out then.  lol  I was never into Pokemon previously, never watched a single episode, game, etc. . . and I'm hanging around. 


I just went and looked at peoples tweets of PokeVision being taken down and it just makes me face palm. 


"Without PokeVision the game isn't fun anymore. I don't want to have to wander around aimlessly like I did before."

"Without PokeVision it's not fun because I can't find the Pokemon I want and then run for my life to get it."


Both of those people clearly stated what is wrong with PokeVision and they probably don't even realize it

  • The point of the game is to walk around to find new Pokemon. So that first week when everyone was walking around their neighborhoods, parks, malls, everywhere. . .yeah that's the point of the game. 
  • The point of the game is not to know the exact location of every Pokemon, and then run as fast as you can to it....or drive a card...or ride a bike...


So as you said @LtNoobslayer hopefully it'll get rid of the stupid people although it could get rid of the newbies to Pokemon too, although from what I've seen I think it's the impatient people that'll be leaving more than the newbies. 

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41 minutes ago, Branchy said:

glad they took out the map, ruins the game in my opinion.


agreed. . . I think it's changed how people have played it since the game been released

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