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Just Tomi

Pokemon Go Map.

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For those of us that are in the UK & Ireland, Ive found a Pokemon Go UK Community Map, it seems quite active but obviously needs more contribution.

For the record i didnt start/ create the map but i did change the marker so everyone can visually see where the pokemon are rather than clicking on the default google map markers.

Pokemon Go UK & Ireland

If anyone is playing this (im sure there is) in another part of the world that has a map for their region, please feel free  and add a reply, and ill edit this post with the map.


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Here is another one, that seems to be accurate and global.

Pokevision hooks into the Niantic servers and then displays where the pokemon are on a google map. Note however that becuase it hooks into the servers, if they go down, so does the map, but i guess that wont make a differences since you wont be able to play anyway :D


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Niantic is a pain. They will address some things while letting others go and get out of hand. Pokevision was removed by request of Niantic to Nintendo which was ok with it.  I play Ingress and portals/ pokestops are being removed like crazy because of idiot players with no respect for boundaries.  

These portals have been in place 3-5 years with no trouble. And now because of Pokego people going into parks, Cemeteries, etc after closing hours they are being removed. Its only a matter of time before they begin the blind banning without response. 

For example: In Ingress if you location spoof permanent ban They will not take another look at your case your done.

                        Pokemon go - 3hrs ban


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Yup, I've seen the same in Greensboro, NC. Pokestops and a few gyms being removed because of tresspassers. I do think it's funny that the stats on gps spoofing aps soared immediately after Pokemon Go was released from beta. People in this area have accused me in person of cheating since I made trainer level 20 in a week. They didn't realize the advantage I had from my knowledge of Ingress. I already knew where all the good portals and hack routes were so I would burn through gear catching pidgys like crazy and then farm all that gear back in 20 minutes. Rinse and repeat.

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