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Black Desert will no longer be a sponsored section within ADK, just due to multiple causes since the launch of the game so it really never took a large hold in the community. We would like to thank everyone that supported the game while it was in our community.

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On 6/29/2016 at 3:13 AM, Texator said:

Thats so not good.

All it needed was some recruitment.


12 minutes ago, Nova said:

Officers said they tried and no one came.

@Texator that's an easy statement to make; if you had ideas or a desire to volunteer to help they would have been well welcomed.


The guild was at 63 and has lost on average 5-6 members per week for the last 10 weeks.  When this reaches a point where the guild can no longer participate in many guild functions including Guild Bosses and Node Wars which require 20 members and 10 active players online minimum.

A general lack of participation on TS, zero forum participation outside of officer contribution, and lacking participation with guild missions from the membership means that the guild does not have a large enough cash flow or experience flow to increase the guild size/max player count, to provide additional skills, do additional bosses, or make node forts.  The lack of competitiveness and participation makes it further difficult for new members to stay, or for recruitment to be effective at all due to a lack of selling points.

There have only been fewer than 6-8 active members providing support for /all/ of these functions, four of those being officers actively providing active recruiting and coming up with a lack of positive results.  There have been guild missions with only five officers showing up, guild meetings with only one members showing up beside the admins, and a Node war with only five officers and two members struggling to fight against guilds ranked 100 spots lower with 15/30 and 35/65 members online.  This is unsustainable and incredibly taxing on the very few who have chosen to participate and help the guild in the name of ADK - logging in every single day for the last 100 days since release.



These are the reasons that we have chosen to unsponsor the guild - BDO is a highly competitive game with a very steep loss curve for both players and guilds; guilds that don't keep up slip down and down the ranks until they no longer appear on the listing.  Most guilds in the top 200 require mandatory TS participation and do not allow players to be inactive for more than 7 days.  Of the 100 people that have signed up for BDO with ADK in the last three months, and with us reaching a peak of only ~60, to have 85 players hit inactivity of more than 14 days, and 65 of those to reach inactivity of 42 days or greater is not sustainable as an officially sponsored section.


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I'm really sorry to hear this, but I know I'm one of the ones who dropped out of playing this game. Life stuff got in the way and then it was hard to start back up when I was already so far behind. Sorry. I had hoped to come back to it eventually.

I want to say thank you, though, to the guys who helped me out and to those who were so welcoming.

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