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PC Requirements for ARK HELP!?

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Need help on knowing good PC standards to play ARK, curretly havent got a good PC, thats why i would like to know so i can look to upgrade it to the right needs for games.

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I can't tell you specifics but i can tell you that on low-medium settings you can run 45-60fps (depending on what is going on in game it will go between those) with an an Nvidia 850m. (you can run higher settings but I prefer higher fps over graphics) Hope this helped :)

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11 hours ago, Silver said:

@CareBear Here are the minimum requirements for ARK: Survival Evolved

This game leans much more on your graphics card than your processor so I recommend getting a nice graphics card.


That helps me out a lot! My friends have been asking me if they have a strong enough PC for it to be worth buying the game! Thanks!

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I have a decent setup and I can run on high/epic with about 20fps with loading dips.

I5 4690k

Radeon 270x


Intel SDD for OS

WD HDD for bulk storage(including steam games)

Even a used graphics card will do you good, my laptop has the same processor but no graphics card and can't run the game at all.

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