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Warfare Events -

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1. Warfare: Trailer Event

  • Submission Period [In this period you can submit your entry in this forum thread]
    • Start: June 17th After the maintenance
    • End: July 06th 10:00 UTC 
  • Voting Period [In this period we won't accept new entries; we will give you 1 additional week of time to receive votings from the community]
    • Start: July 06th 12:00 UTC
    • End: July 13th 12:00 UTC

For this event we're going to use your creativity skills once again, the point will be to create a small video around the different PVP feature available through the game. You can only use the music of the game and the sound effects that come with every fight. Once the event period ended we will take a look at the likes through Youtube and make a top 20 which we, DaumGames, will use to vote for the best video. We will provide some special intro/outro assets for you to use.


Event details and rules can be found >here<


2. Warfare for Rookies

  • Start: June 17th After the maintenance
  • End: July 13th 10:00 UTC (With maintenance)

With the release of the Siege war feature, we want to make sure you're all aware and ready about what's coming. To do so we've put in place a special interactiv tutorial on our website.

>Come take a look at our tutorial !<

Event rewards:

All participants: 7 days Costume Package


 Reveal hidden contents


3. Warfare for Soldiers

  • Start: June 17th After the maintenance
  • End: July 13th 10:00 UTC (With maintenance)

The new warfare rehearsal is ongoing, so why don't you gather your guildmates and get ready for the battle of your life?

Every guild who manages to build a fort (100% completed), will earn 30,000,000 silver for their guild funds which shall be distributed within 1 week after the rehearsal ended.

If you don't know how, make sure to read our manual >here< and play the tutorial (see event above).


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