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Lost Toys (Soccer/Football) Event - Country rep Flag as reward!

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Greetings adventurers !

Football is a big event here in Europe, and we thought we should share this passion with all of you.

Here are the 2 events we've prepared.

1. Lost Toys

  • Start: June 17th 10:00 UTC (After maintenance)
  • End: July 13th 10:00 UTC (With maintenance)

The "Heidel Soccer Team" needs help, those kids are trying to build their new team but unfortunately lost all their soccer balls, and you can't train without it, right ? They will be waiting for you North of Heidel by the Soccer Field... I mean the arena.


Each one of them is willing to trade some items in exchange for more "Foot ball". Unfortunately monsters seems to have found an interest in this sport as well, better be ready to slaughter them if you want to help those poor kids get their foot balls back.


Event rewards

  • 10 balls = Golden Trophy (Housing item, buff : AP/DP +5)


  • 20 balls = Country Flag (Flag from any of the participating country to chose. Housing item)



2. Soccer Fan Package

  • Start: June 17th 10:00 UTC (After maintenance)
  • End: July 13th 10:00 UTC (With maintenance)

It's time to get dressed up and cheer for your favorite team. To do so for only 1 Loyalty point you will get a 1 time only "Fan Support Package" in game. A box with a color package of 7 differents colors. (Black, White, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange) With this, you'll be able to support your favorite team no matter which one it is.



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