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Guild Meeting Report 6/11

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So we just finished up the guild meeting.  We had a fair turn out but an excellent one.  It was a short but productive meeting.

We went over a few things. The big stuff we went over here:

  • Recruitment!  EVERYONE needs to help with this.  Not just the officers. If you see an unguilded chat 'em up and tell an officer so we can invite them to the guild.
  • Alternate Scroll Night.  KafFiend will be organizing this.  But for anyone you can't regularly meet up on Wednesday's scroll night a Saturday scroll night will be available.  Again speak to KafFiend for more details.
  • Arena Fight nights.  It was agree by the people who showed up for the meet that Sundays at 8pm CST will be Arena fun time. Bayudness will be heading up Arena Fight nights and organizing them.  Please contact him to let him know you're interested.
  • Forum posting.  It was agreed by everyone at the meeting to start using the forum more to coordinate times and events for the guild.  It's also a great way of showing that we are indeed active to ADK.
  • Lastly, It was suggested to start some wars with other guilds.  Well, we have a guild that we are on good terms with.  <Novus> is always down for a GvG or some arena shenanigans. Most of our officers have contacts with them.  Just let us know what times work for you and we'll coordinate times with them.

If anything has been left out that we went over please comment on it.  We'll be having meetings biweekly. So the next meeting will be 6/25 at 6pm CST time.

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Question about recruiting.

Can people join the guild without being a ADK member?

I mean have they first to do that TS time and Forum posts or can they join without that?

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@Texator No they don't have to be a member of ADK.  But it is encouraged to join ADK.  The main requirement to join the guild is being active and the ability to hop into TS.  The mic isn't required.  I hope that answers your question.

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