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Zurith Is Here

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Hello, my name is Zurith, and I'm applying to join the ADK community as an H1Z1 player. I play League of Legends (Shia LaBIueBuff), H1Z1 (Zurith), and CS:GO (Zurith) as my three primary games. I also have over a combined 10,000 hours on all Fallout and Elder Scrolls games. I am here now because Thunder won't stop harassing me into joining ADK, since I'm basically a member in the H1Z1 community anyway. 

I also have three tattoos and am hung like a hamster. Here's a picture of my battle uniform in H1Z1.


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Welcome to our forums @Zurith !

10,000 Hours of Skyrim...wow.....you REALLY got your money out of that game but then again, Bethesda usually makes sure people get their moneyz-worth. They are very good about that. I really loved Skyrim but I had to cut myself off to maintain my Engineering Studies back when it released haha. I did manage to do most of the stories, like the Dark Brotherhood. Fun stuff!

Glad to see you interested in H1Z1, we are really doing what is humanly possible to maintain a positive and growing H1Z1 Server but its  quite difficult with the limited tools the Developers give us (which is basically nothing). Regardless we are constantly looking for more players to join up to play with and group up. (Strength in numbers right? -- It worked in PlanetSide 2).

Some H1Z1 Leadership who may be able to help you if needed or so they can play with you are:    @Euthanize91  @Bordock  @LawlessLEMON  @Skeeter  @Belowzero  @danielcruz  @Duplicity2554  @NepuNepu  @PostalService  @Tagond  @Thunderousmight    @CaGregorio .

CS:GO has been pretty great in ADK as well. Honestly we have had our ups and downs with it internally at ADK, but the current staff for the game is really doing great work in growing the game. @Viper @Mikey  @Dynasty  @Rocker III  @Homeboy  @bbqribs1234

League of Legends in ADK has In-House Nights on Sunday Nights! You should check them out. They also have a Tournament coming up. League of Legends has been around in ADK for quite some time but has had some turnover but is still lasting pretty well considering its often difficult to maintain MOBA communities sometimes. @Tipster  @Rabbit  @Phreaktaco  @Greenshaw  @Pocket  @Ceroloth  @settleflame  @Veydeth      @Joey


I like the photo btw, I almost thought that was PlanetSide 2 at first haha!


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@Zurith hey man feel free to come by the over watch forums and comment and give us your input on the topics going main ones being the inhouse game night and inhouse game modes so we know what will be the best time for you!

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@Zurith Welcome! Awesome to see you already got accepted. No worries though, I can still welcome you :D Feel free to ask myself or any of the CS:GO administration Nova tagged any questions, or simply if you want to play a game! I've had my share fair of time played in H1Z1 and from my experiences the game was fun but obviously still needs work as it's still in alpha stage. 

Couple of questions for you, what are you looking most forward to this summer? Got any plans to go anywhere? Also, what rank are you in CS:GO? 

Looking forward to meeting/playing with you. 

- Viper 

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Welcome to the community. I didn't get to play much Skyrim, as I was deployed when it came out. I bought Fallout 4, but ARK is eating all of my time right now. I hope it's as good as everyone says :). I have a ton of games I still need to get around to, but like NOVA, engineering keeps me busy most of the time. You should maybe pop by the ARK channel some time and say hi. 


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