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Black Desert Online - Join The Guild Today!

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Black Desert Online (BDO). The critically acclaimed MMO from Daum Games and Pearl Abyss has been with us here in NA/EU for three whole months now.  

This is not your mom's MMO, and the ADK guild would like to show you why.


This is the world of 'The Black Desert Online'.  Calpheon of the West, holding much of Balenos and Serendia -- Valencia in the east.  Separated by a huge expanse of desert - called 'The Black Desert' by Calpheon for the reserves of powerful 'Black Stones' found there, and 'The Red Desert' by the Valencians, for the countless soldiers lost in thirty years of war with the west.  These black stones hold a dark magic within them, able to imbue weapons and armor with great power -- fueling noble adventurers, cursed souls, and grotesque monsters alike.  


So why is BDO not your typical MMO?

Action-based combat.   This is NOT your typical hot-bar smashing, num-key popping game.  This is the kind of game that is born when street-fighter makes sweet sweet love to the MMO genre.  Each attack is dealt with a balance of timing and key-presses, smashing two mouse buttons forward versus backwards can create an entirely different move and brand new combos.  Where you aim matters -- there is no 'T-targetting' mechanic, what is in front of you, you hit (depending on the move, of course).  This mechanic also applies to dodges, grapples, knockdowns and more -- even the tankier classes need to avoid damage in order to be great players.  Each class relies on this for more or less of an extent and it creates a wonderful set of game-play styles for everyone to enjoy!



Black Desert also features open-world PvP.  There is no 'red vs green', no 'Horde vs Alliance'.  It's every player and guild for themselves out there.  Granted, you typically won't run into issues but if you start stealing mobs from another player's or party's grind spot, you may quickly find yourself seeing red.  The flag and karma system are quite unique to BDO, and the soon-to-come guild war and node capture systems will increase both everyday need for working together as a guild, as well as the conflicts between guilds.



The Black Desert crafting system is incredibly detailed, and to explain it all here would take an entire article!  Simply put, crafting is mostly-open in that you are not level-locked to the majority of recipes.  You also are able to engage in /all/ professions at will - the more you do, the higher your speed and chance for better items will grow!  Alchemy, Cooking, Gathering, Processing, Hunting, Trading, Fishing, Horse Training... take your pick!  Each profession is backed with gathering nodes and production houses in the city, allowing you to have NPC workers doing some of the jobs for you while you grind and fight across the world!  Some of the professions are even given an 'AFK' mode, allowing you for example, to fish or train horses while you sleep IRL!


As for PvE, the game is highly expansive - you won't find two monsters alike.  The creators have taken the time to ensure that that imp or wolf you faced at the start of the game doesn't just change colour and grow wings for late-game content -- each area to explore is home to truly unique foes.  The boss system is expanded through summoning scrolls and items, as opposed to traditional instancing or dungeon based combat.  The boss, when summoned, needs the focus of the entire party in order to overcome more than just timed mechanics - each encounter in this way also ends up very unique.




Graphics:  The videos in this article are all in-engine.  That means the graphics, effects and beauty are all in your regular everyday gameplay.  This includes the massively detailed character creator that you saw in the 'Maehwa' video above.  Don't fret though, the game features great optimization for lower-end systems so that you can enjoy the beauty too -- the above picture was shot at a guild-boss scroll event at medium-low settings!



So what else is up and coming for Black Desert Online?

Valencia pt1 and pt2 expansions are soon-to-come and will have us riding camels through the Black Desert and into the east!  The Ninja class will also be coming soon, with both a male and female class variant.  The release of guild VS guild and node-wars which will include siege battles, war elephants and more is also in store!


We hope you'll join us in the TS and ADKgamers guild today!  We're a fun group of folks and we'd love to show you the ropes of this fantastic game!


Forums: http://www.adkgamers.com/forums/forum/632-black-desert-online/

Teamspeak:  ts.adkgamers.com

More info!:  https://www.blackdesertonline.com/

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