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New Breeding Info

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Some notes on the new breeding/imprinting.

Stats increase every time you care for your animal/imprinting % increases.

Only the person who imprints can do the care actions, tribemates can still feed with no ill effects.

Care timer is long compared to maturation, bear care time was about 3h 45m.  I was able to get a bear to 86% imprint off of one care (was with it entire time, and that was the only opportunity), giga got to 12% off one care (has time for multiple here)

86% imprint resulted in approx. 17% health increase on bear, melee attack (right click) went from 2017ish to 2541(approx 26%) from tribemate to the imprinted player, food, speed, and weight stats were also increased.  Stamina and O2 do not appear effected.

The increased stats do not appear to be passed on through breeding.

Care encountered:

Walk - put animal on follow for a bit and run around

Cuddle - press interact (E - default)

We will update as we experiment and get more info.


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The third interaction is the baby will ask for a RANDOM kibble. If they do place it in the 0 slot and use it on the baby as you would for a passive tame. On an Argy 1 interaction was possible with ~73% imprint. A pteranodon was fully Imprinted with one interaction.

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I know you and Nimikins have been imprinting on animals. I know nimikins has looked up the server commands for the .ini file for the server for imprinting. Do you have any recommendations on time reduction for this?

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If we could get the care frequency halved and see how that would affect the percentages I'd like to test it before we try a lot of maths that may or may not be relevant... So 0.5?

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