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*breathes even heavier* Hello, this is Mellie, again.

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Okay. I am a grill gamer. I mainly play CSGO and Rocket League, but also dabble in the Fallout games, Skyrim, Halo, Portal 1&2, Left4Dead 1&2, Minecraft, Borderlands, TF2, Lethal League, Saints Row, H1Z1, and Rust. I live in granny land, aka Florida, and it is hotter than satans ballsac. I am 18 and I curse like a sailor and smile like a saint. I'm a sarcastic bitch who secretly cares but gives tough love. I listen to all sorts of music, but I'm especially into rock. I have stretched ears (not gauges that's a fucking measurement you piece of shit), two tattoos, and would like several more piercings and tattoos. I'm paler than caspar the friendly ghost and my top lip likes to play hide and seek. I'm incredibly geeky and laugh at my own jokes. My laugh sounds like you fed a gremlin after midnight. I breathe weird sometimes (okay all the time) (ps I swear I'm not touching myself I just really do breathe weird). You couldn't offend me if you tried. I sing a lot. A lot a lot. I'm sorry. OH AND I LOVE TURTLES.




I am also the devil.

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Hey @Mellie Welcome back or something :P

I play CSGO and rust and h1z1 and other things if thats what other people are playing and i have it which i might idk depends what mood im in really. I live in Australia and am pretty casual to play with so if you want to play sometime message me or something :)

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hey welcome to the community! everyone here is friendly and if u need anything be sure to ask any member and they will b glad to help u, lol I also like to sing a lot a lot a lot, and I'm very sarcastic so I'm sure we will get along fine. hopefully ill be seeing u on h1z1 a lot.

BTW   I am GOD

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