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i LOVE food & thought I'd make a post of some yummy homemade meals I've been spoiled with, many which were made by @Pepsi 
So if you need recipes... ask him :P I wanna see if there are others that have a passion for food/cooking, so post your pix! :D

I'll start off by showing my sloppy (#PeasantMealsUnder$10) but edible cooking VS all of his beautiful plating & creative noms.


Lemon peppered, pan fried talapia w/ candied bacon wrapped asparagus... and koolaid (cause it's in the background)



STRAWBERRIES (cause they're yummy) w/ a side tuna sammy



Now, on to his cooking...
Bacon & Pancakes w/ SPRINKLES (cause I love sprinkles, except when you eat too many and it makes your teeth feel waxy)



Home made salmon rolls & nigiri w/ wonton chips



Chicken salad sammy w/ baked potato & bomb ass chocolate chip cookies ;)



Pork Adobo on Rice



Last one for now, his cute little panda sushi (w/ salmon) & teriyaki glazed chicken... I have NO clue how he made those haha

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Dinner last night...


Pan friend tofu with tonkatsu sauce garnished with chive, peppers and sesame on a bed of silken white rice.

Fresh steamed broccoli drizzled with a soy vinaigrette dressing. 

Syl's plate has less tofu and rice to adjust for the kimchi portion. 

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On 5/31/2016 at 11:18 PM, Blaze said:

:/ so good can i get the roomies app if pay the kitten fund. Plus i Be your official Mexican in the house ya

besides the kitty fund, just bring home recipes for authentic Mexican food :>

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