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Update 0.6.5 - Camo, Ship Rebalancing, New Maps, Interface Improvements, Team Killing Adjustments

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Decent sized update here with some pretty significant adjustments. These include some ships with permanent camouflage, ship rebalancing with armaments and ranges, interface improvements with minimap (last know location, ranges, etc.) and added icon for denoting if shells will clear mountain obstacle. Check out more info below.

Release Date: Wednesday May 25, 2016 5:30am EDT to 8:30am EDT. 

Release Notes 0.5.6

The update is scheduled for May 25 and will be applied on the servers from 03:00 PT/  06:00 ET until 05:30 PT/  08:30 ET  during which the game server will be offline.

Camo up!

New permanent camouflage patterns have been added for the following ships: Yorck, Hiryu, Roon, Hatsuharu, Myoko, Shchors, Dmitri Donskoi, Kiev, Ranger, New York and Cleveland.

Premium Ships

The following Premium Ships have been added, purchasable for Doubloons in the Port. The list will be extended with future releases. The Premium ships released for 0.5.6 are: Tachibana, Texas, Diana, Molotov, Mikhail Kutuzov, Emden, Tirpitz, Campbeltown, Warspite, Blyskawica.

We have also added the US tier VII Premium cruiser Indianapolis for testing by Wargaming employees and Supertesters. This ship is not yet available for purchase, but you may encounter it in battle.

Ship Rebalancing

Major levelling up changes were made to several ships that received new or overhauled hulls. Moreover, many ships underwent slight modifications in their performance characteristics and configurations of their AA and/or secondary guns. We have decided to spell out all the details for game balance changes below.

Learn More About Ship Changes on our forums! 

Sound Effects/Music

  • Added music tracks to the "Yokosuka" Port
  • Enhanced the overall sound design of the game. The improvements were made for shot sounds at low sound settings, sounds played when the camera is tracking shells/torpedoes after firing, sounds played when the camera is tracking air squadrons, AA gun sounds for the guns included in the medium AA engagement area, and ship destruction sounds
  • Shot sounds were reworked to achieve a cleaner sound without overloading the audio system
  • We changed the way musical tracks are stored. This will reduce the size of updates related to the game's soundtrack

Interface Overhaul

In Update 0.5.6, we introduced an important interface improvement: fully overhauled post-battle statistics. Now players will be able to see detailed information about their battle results and interactions with other players.

  • We added information about the total damage caused and received in battle to the "Personal Score" tab
  • The Detailed Report tab was fully reworked. Now players will be able to see detailed information about the damage caused to each enemy ship, including incapacitated modules. The information about the damage caused and received in battle (broken down by damage type) will now be displayed with more detail. Moreover, this tab will now include information about the player's "Team Killer" status and the number of battles required for this status to be removed
  • The economical information has been moved to a separate tab named "Credits and XP." This tab will include detailed information about the player's earnings and expenses, including all active XP and Credit modifiers. We hope that with this tab, the game's economy model will be more transparent and understandable to players.

Source: http://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/056-update-notes/

The minimap has been extensively reworked to make it more informative.

  • Now the bisecting line will be displayed on the "spotting cone" to help the player stay more aware of their ship's direction
  • We added an icon that will be displayed on the minimap when the corresponding enemy target is locked
  • Now players will be able to set autopilot waypoints directly on the minimap when playing in aircraft carriers

Moreover, players will be able to customise the display of additional information on the minimap:

  • "Circles" showing the detectability range by sea and by air. The radius of these circles will dynamically change depending on various modifiers (for example, after firing a shot from the main guns)
  • "Circles" showing firing ranges for main guns, secondary guns, AA guns, and torpedoes
  • Markers on the minimap showing where an enemy ship was last spotted

Improvements were made to other parts of the interface as well: we implemented a lot of minor yet very useful tweaks based on feedback from players.

  • If the AA/secondary guns are off at the moment the player designates a priority target (default Ctrl+LMB), the AA/secondary guns will open fire
  • In case the player causes damage to an ally, a warning notice will appear in the chat
  • When in Spectator mode, hints will disappear after the first click on them
  • From now on, once a player spawns in a battle, they will see the chat history for that particular battle
  • The display of the distance to a catapult-launched aircraft has been enabled
  • To help players better understand the main gun ballistics and evaluate the ability of the shell to hit the target, an in-game indicator will appear whenever a player is likely to hit the terrain

We fixed a bug that caused main gun shells to hit the landscape due to incorrect operation of the targeting system. Previously, when a player was aiming at a target that was behind the mountains/island, the system wouldn't always "understand" their intentions correctly and sometimes the effective aim point was placed on the mountain/island rather than on the hypothetical course of the target

  • When hovering over a ship's XP bar, a hint will pop up showing the ship's performance characteristics, including updated information on the state of that ship's AA defense/secondary guns
  • Enhanced the visual display of damaged torpedo mounts on a ship's dynamic icon in artillery firing modes and the torpedo launch mode. A player will now be able to see the current condition of their ship's armament
  • The starting position of the camera in a battle may now be configured in the Settings
  • Experience and Credit modifiers display has been changed from "x1.5" to "50%" for unification purposes


To make the in-game economy more straightforward and suitable for display in the new post-battle results interface, the calculation scheme has been slightly reworked. Final results may sometimes differ slightly from the previous values due to rounding. Let's see how it works:

  • A player gets 1,000 XP. They won the battle, had a Premium Account and had an "Equal Speed Charlie London" signal (+50% XP per battle) mounted on their ship.
    • PREVIOUSLY: [Base XP] х 1.5 for a victory x 1.5 for Premium Account х (1 +0.5 for using the Equal Speed Charlie London signal) = 1,000 x 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 = 3,375.
    • NOW: ([Base XP] х 1.5 for a victory x 1.5 for Premium Account) + modifiers to be applied to XP earned = 2,250(1,000 x 1.5 х 1.5) + 1,125(2,250 х 0.5) = 3,375.

Adjusted the selling price in Credits for the following Premium ships:

  • Arkansas Beta: from 375,000 to 2,137,500
  • Albany: from 375,000 to 1,162,500
  • Diana and Diana Lima: from 375,000 to 1,237,500
  • Iwaki Alpha: from 375,000 to 1,987,500
  • Tachibana: from 375,000 to 712,500
  • Kamikaze: from 3,750,000 to 1,762,500
  • Kamikaze R: from 3,750,000 to 3,000,000

Game Maps and Game Modes

  • Added a new map, "Okinawa," for tier VII-X battles. The map was created based on the real-life location. Get ready for battles in Domination mode amid picturesque islands and in open water!
  • Added a new map, "Estuary," that will be accessible for tier VII-IX ships in Domination and Standard Battle modes. Mountain ranges make artillery battles in the centre of the map trickier, but also provide opportunities with extensive pits and depressions in the terrain which provide certain areas with a line of fire
  • Added a new map, "Neighbors," for tier V-X  battleships, cruisers and destroyers and tier VI-IX aircraft carriers . Battles will take place in Domination and Standard Battle modes in the fictional waters somewhere between the shores of England and occupied France. The map has an interesting feature that makes the opposing teams spawn close to their Naval Installations
  • Added a new map, "New Land," that will be accessible for tier I-III ships in Domination and Standard Battle game modes. The map is small and intended for dynamic battles at lower tiers. It is dotted with icebergs and ideal for combat with lots of movement
  • On the "North" map, we removed a tiny island in the G9 square because it hampered ship movement while not serving any tactical purpose
  •  Maps "North" and "Northern Lights" are now available for tier VI-X ships


  • Reworked camouflage implementation: camouflage is now applied to secondary battery mounts to give the ship model a more natural look
  • Reduced the "Z-fighting effect" for objects located at a considerable distance from the player. This effect produced a visual jittering of islands and other objects
  • Enhanced ship destruction scenarios to increase in-game diversity and make it more atmospheric
  • Now upon the first launch on 32-bit operating systems, the texture quality settings will be automatically set to "Low," regardless of the OS version

Teamkilling Prevention Improvements

The unsportsmanlike conduct report system that has long been part of the game was not always capable of coping with new challenges. With the release of the game, purposeful killing of teammates and friendly fire have become way too common, and the previous settings of the penalty system ceased to be efficient enough to counter the teamkillers. We believe that the new changes will tame the worst offenders and at the same time provide better protection for fair players.

  • We lowered the threshold for obtaining 'Teamkiller' status. Now, even minor damage to an allied ship will result in the offender receiving this dishonourable status
  • The 'Teamkiller' status now takes into account allied aircraft destroyed in an Air Squadron Assault, launched by pressing [Alt], as well as damage to allies from fire and flooding
  • Compensation for damage caused by allies will cover the full cost of ship repairs, irrespective of how many Credits the offender earns in the corresponding battle. Please note that a fixed portion of the cost of ship servicing and the cost of ammunition will not be compensated
  • The more often a player breaks the rules of the game and gets the "Teamkiller" status, the more battles they will need to fight without violations in order to return to "normal" status
  • Regular offenders who damage allies will be subject to a special teamkill penalty calculation scheme. Under that scheme, the amount of damage they inflicted on an ally will be reduced by 90% while the return damage to the offender's own ship will be increased by more than 100% of its initial amount

The penalty mechanics have been reworked:

  • PREVIOUSLY: Penalties for damage caused to allies used to be applied to the amount of XP determined with the use of modifiers, including Premium Account
  • NOW: Penalties for damage caused to allies are applied to the final XP value determined after all of the modifiers have been applied
  • That way players with Premium accounts, signals and other boosters will be receiving similar fines to players without the listed modifiers

Introductory Mission

  • Allied ships will no longer open fire from secondary guns if the player's ship crosses their aiming line
  • Fixed a bug that caused hints regarding movement and fire extinguishing to continuously appear on the screen

Other Changes

Fixed the following bugs and issues:

  • The "Survivability expert" skill sometimes led to a reduction of torpedo damage
  • Commander skills tooltip message while retraining
  • Special event notifications remained in the client, even after the event was over
  • A battle pop-up did not display the amount of remaining equipment
  • the destroyed ship's propellers were rotating, even if the ship wasn't moving at the moment of destruction
  • Now maximum fire range of the main caliber gun in the port respects shell ballistics (for some small-caliber guns sometimes it could exceed the actual distance)
  • Fixed a bug that caused an emergency shutdown of the client when drawing after battle statistics in team battles
  • A torpedo cone did not display for one torpedo bomber in flight while under barrage fire
  • Incorrect interaction of the weather effects and the air camera
  • Fixed incorrect behaviour of the window when entering the battle having an incomplete team
  • Fixed a bug due to which, upon restarting the client, button configurations were reset
  • incorrect display of torpedo tube cone statuses at some armor angles
  • Upon changing weapons the target lock-on did not disappear on the minimap
  • incorrect display of torpedo effects on ARP Myoko for laptops with Intel (R) HD Graphics
  • Incorrect positioning of the starting points on the "Land of Volcanoes" map
  • Module data display when retraining commanders
  • Fixed a bug that caused displaying two simultaneously locked-on targets in the interface
  • Fixed a bug that caused the disappearance of a strike squadron attack entry radius
  • Incorrect setting and display of the status of the "Enhance GUI Contrast" parameter in the settings
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the "Hold the RMB to Take a Look" tooltip from disappearing in the introductory mission
  • Fixed a display of the black sky for a few seconds when loading the "New Dawn" map
  • Display of the torpedo hull when aircraft are approaching for attack
  • It was possible to call a compact list of the carousel without selecting the compact list option
  • Fixed a bug that caused camouflage disappearance at low graphics settings
  • Fighter air group weapons load displays when a player received the Teamkiller status
  • Displaying a ship that needs repairing in port
  • Issue with flashing shallows on some maps when lifting the camera
  • Recharge speed is now displayed in the performance characteristics as close as one decimal place
  • Fixed a bug for some configurations that caused a black screen at the beginning of the battle
  • Turret rotation angle display after reconnecting to the server
  • Disabled the possibility of moving the discharge point for squadrons after the start of the attack
  • An empty list of servers upon the launch of the client
  • Assorted icons in the Help window have been updated
  • Incorrect notification sound and animation when attacking the last squadron of aircraft
  • Incorrect working of the secondary armament at shorter distances
  • Emergency shutdown of the client after reconnecting to the server when the ship had been sunk

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