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Hey guys, my name is Taylor and I got booted off an ADK server before even knowing how to apply to ADK!

But seriously, we got things figured out and everything is good. Just wanted to say thanks to those who replied to my application, I feel quite welcomed already :)

When I started playing BF3 a month ago I was pretty awful. Only had minimal experience with FPS's like COD (bleh) and I guess Halo. I remember starting out feeling it was impossible to even break a 1 K/D and it sucked! But here I am 60 hours later, usually rocking a 2 to 4 K/D and really getting a feel for all the different guns.

I enjoy being a team player and using teamwork as a huge advantage, it can be pretty OP! I'm usually on the Noshahr Canal TDM server because I like the fast-paced, frantic action. Those big maps can get a bit lonely and I'm pretty terrible at sniping.

I started out using shotguns because I felt too nooby to go around head-shotting everything that moves like some of you guys can do. I can still show people how its done with the SPAS, but now I'm comfortable with guns like the M16A3, RPK 74M, SCAR H, and PECHENEG. I've really improved with all my FPS abilities, and most of it has been done on =ADK= servers so thank you!

Anyways I'm rambling, feel free to add me in-game silentwraith01 and squad up with me :D

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[quote name='SimplyOJ' timestamp='1343686817' post='39279']
welcome silentwraith01, have been coming across you a few times on the TDM noshar server.
If you can hop into the Team speak server
Have fun

Thanks, see you there!

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LOL Simply... Out of all the addresses we have for teamspeak you gave him the decimal form. :P May i ask, why were you booted off?

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I had joined the ADK platoon and signed up here on the website, so I thought I was allowed to put on the ADK tag in-game. I never saw the official application forum which stated this was baaaad. I was playing on the Noshahr Canals TDM server with the tag on, then went afk for a little and came back to see that I had been booted from the server.

Things got straightened out though so its all good :P

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