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You guys read up on the new lore on toph...er i mean Taliyah?  It's almost like Riot is actually taking the time to create meaningful lore.  We've got a pretty hefty story about Taliyah meeting and tutoring underneath our lone wanderer Yasuo




Also I totally ship it.


And then we got a little video of Taliyah returning to Shurima to see Azir's sun disk thing in the sky.




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@Tipster Which is sad because I really like Azir, always thought his story was cool.  Ancient king coming back to bring life to the kingdom that Xerath stole from him.

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Taliyah probably doesnt see Azir fit to rule, upcoming special interactions.

Also she has the highes NPI(nose per inch) in the league if im correct in my scale

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Haha nose per inch? Is that a scale now?

I saw her combo, she looks like a blend of ziggs and gnar...

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