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Trade poll

Curious for opinions, could the Trade system could use a little more functions to make it more interesting?  

1 member has voted

  1. 1. Ability to bargain before buying too?

    • Would help us save money
    • May afflict profitable prices on delivery
  2. 2. (Putting the existing illegal goods for high ranked trading aside) Would it add interest to players if it was possible to steal -portions- of a set of goods, not the whole thing? (given $ values were increased to make the risk more worthwhile)

    • It could bring a new twist and risk for those interested in trading/being a bandit
    • F*ck that noise, I worked hard by autopathing my way to that city!
  3. 3. With the release of the rumored "Naval" update, do you think sea bound trading will become more popular?

    • It could lead to some interesting and variable game play with my ships.
    • Pff no, only nerds trade overseas.
  4. 4. If say the "Perfect" change was made to trading for all types of users for the game, would you (as either an existing trader or solely PVP style) would you give it a try?

    • Yea, it is sort of dull after some time.
    • Hell no, I'm not some huggy time bear who plays a game for ALL it's functions! Just the ones that make me look cool!

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IMO Naval trading will grow; stories of pirate battles on the way with Valencia 3, etc.  We might see this take more of a presence going forward, and maybe that 'perfect change' is just going to be whatever they modify from the Korean version to the NA market -- as for the land trade game as it stands, my thoughts below.

My opinion on the 'steal' would be to compare it to Archeage where the 'maker' of the pack got 30% of the profit, and the rest to the seller.  This lead to a lot of 'going around the long way' and 'cutting through fields' and whatnot -- and that was with two factions nevermind the PvP free-for-all that is this game.  I'm not sure if that's as easily done with the way the BDO map is set up either, given monster positions, trees, and just how much variation is in this game.  The packs would have to be worth MUCH more in profit for it to make sense -- killing someone for 15k or even 100k silvers isn't worth the time and ends up with more griefing than anything, and a lot less use of autopathing.    Maybe as a 'created at a workshop item only' method?  Tough mechanic to nail down properly.

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