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The dark knight rises

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I thought it was a fantastically written movie. I have no idea what your talking about when you say meh about it. Also it had a GREAT ending. Leaving room for more from someone else (obviously not Nolan) to continue his work. Without giving anything away, it had damn near everything a great movie needs, little bit of drama, some good action scenes, suspense, and it still played well of of the second movie. Also, they said in the movie that it was old military tech that they were developing, so it was something that was not originally developed for batman himself. That being said, I think they called it the bat because of the flight capabilities it has. Even though I think it looks a little more like a beetle.

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I had trouble understanding Bane when he was talking. I think the theatre had the sound messed up. Reminded me of work, when I'm trying to communicate with off-shore computer programmers.

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Yeah Bane was hard to understand atleast on the first half of the movie. Second half I think I understood him alot better. I think anne hathaway and joseph gordon-levitt totally stole the movie.

[color=#B22222]+++Possible spoilers +++[/color]

I had alot of gripes with the movie... and I don't mean to say that it was a bad movie, cause I still enjoyed it. I just wasnt Wowed by it.

[color=#000000]1) Gotham felt really empty in alot of the shots. Maybe it was just me but some of the riot or anarchy scenes felt really empty.[/color]
[color=#000000]2) Batman is suppose to be ultra clever dude that outsmarsts his opponents in a fight. Whats his plan for fighting Bane: "I'll punch him". That fails and he's gotta fight him again; whats his plan: "I'll punch him...in the face." I mean, really?[/color]
[color=#000000]3) Nobody finds The Bat for five months wilst its parked on the roof of a random building.[/color]
[color=#000000]4) The prison was NOT a hell hole. It was actually a nice-ish place: none of the inmates attack each other, he gets good medical treatment, there is nice chanting music, they even are allowed to attempt escapes.[/color]
[color=#000000]5) The prison was described as a place of darkness. Bane was "born in darkness"...uhm...NO. The prison gets more sun than half the schools in America and Bane was not born there.[/color]
[color=#000000]6) Batman is told he failed cause he wasnt afraid to die but to get out of prison he must not be afraid to die...ok.[/color]
[color=#000000]7) the weight of the rope is holding him back but packing a thermos of food and supplies weights more than the rope isn't.[/color]
[color=#000000]8) At the stock exchange they have 8 minutes to catch the batguy....so they leave the stock market with motorcycles, go through a tunnel and suddenly its pitch black outside O.o[/color]
[color=#000000]9) Wouldn't most of the cops have died during a frozen winter underground[/color]
[color=#000000]10) how come most of the cops were clean shaven when they exited from their underground entrapment[/color]
[color=#000000]11) NOBODY believes or listens to the police commmisioner to go investigates the sewers? Nobody? Not even if it was an order?[/color]
[color=#000000]12) BAtman dragged that "unstable about to explode" nuke all over the place and banged it against buildings and stuff[/color]

See it isn't that any one of those bothered me, it was the combination of all of them. However...it was still fun. The music was great, the filming spot on, the actors brought their A game, and the whole plot was really good. I just wish he had stuck to his established comic book in the real world.

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I still haven't seen it, but I may sometime this week. I've heard it wasn't all that great from other people, that they were disappointed in it. But I think that any Batman movie following Heath Ledger's performance will be "meh".

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I thought it was great, I thought it would be trash compared to The Dark Knight but it did amazing.

Wouldn't say its necessarily better though The Dark Knight for me was my favorite as the Joker is probably one of hardest characters to play so this movie's villain would pale in comparison.

Overall I really enjoyed it.

The ending has some what of a cliffhanger ending as you could interpret it as:
Bruce moving on with his life and the cop becoming the next Batman<-- I view as highly unlikely as he has NO training whatsoever nor a source of income to keep up with R/D nor connections for more R/D.

Bruce staying as Batman and training the cop to be Robin<-- makes the most sense seeing the foundation that was laid out WITH the only oddity that Christopher Nolan himself said he never liked the idea of Robin and Batman being together and would never do a movie with Robin "officially" in it.

That's just my thoughts on the ending; there is so much more that could be done as they barely touched the surface on the villains. Especially Miss Al Ghule as we know in the comics, ending up having Bruce Wayne's son. But this is just a movie and doesn't really follow the comics at all :)

Regardless another good movie to add to the books.

If that wasn't great enough, the Man of Steel trailer also should make you craving 2013. Script leaked and rumor has it Bruce Wayne (played by the same actor as in The Dark Knight triology) will assist Clark Kent in some manner as Batman but under the guise as Bruce Wayne :) great stuff!!!!

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I remember hearing that the original villian intended for this movie was the Riddler, played by Leonado DiCaprio. But he couldn't for some reason. I imagine that would've made for a better movie.

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I agree, I didn't really like Bain all that much. It actually made the movie kinda bad in my personal opinion, not being able to understand the lead villain 90% of the time and the fact that he's unrealistically invincible, kinda broke it for me. Seeing the Riddler played by DiCaprio would've been pretty awesome though I think.

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** Spoiler **


I honestly thought the woman who is Rhaz Al'ghoul's daughter was going to end up being Poison Ivy at one point around the middle of the movie, the way she talked about her love for plants and such. Just me or anyone else get that feeling? Well until her real identity is discovered.

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