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Major Snafu 13

My introduction - Jon from Atlanta, GA aka Major-Snafu-13

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My name is Jon aka Major-Snafu-13 and I live in metro Atlanta, GA. I am 48 years old and married with two children, who are college age now. I am a senior network engineer and solutions architect with 20+ years of experience with a global manufacturer of data networking and UC equipment. My long time hobby has been building personal PCs since the late 80s. My first one being an Intel 286 w/DRDOS. Now, they are high-end gaming PCs for personal use.

My current machine to date is:

Corsair CC600TM Graphite Series 600T Mid Tower Case
CORSAIR H100 Extreme Performance Liquid CPU Cooler
Corsair CMPSU-1200AX 1200-Watt Power Supply

ASUS Crosshair V Formula/ThunderBolt AMD 990FX
AMD FX-8120 Processor - Eight Core
G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 16GB (4 x 4GB)

Two EVGA GeForce GTX 580 Video Card SLI Bridged
ASUS VG236 120 hz Nividia 3D

Hitachi 3TB Serial ATA Hard Drive
SAMSUNG 830 Series 128GB Solid State Drive
Razer Blackwidow Ultimate
R.A.T. 7
Cyber Snipa gamepad
Windows 7 Ultimate 64BIT

Throughout the 80's, 90's and 21 century, I have played Internet games from their earliest releases to what they are today. I prefer FPS.

I don't always dwell on this so I try and balance my interests towards other hobbies as well i.e. flying (private pilot), white water rafting, and travelling. I'll see about posting some of my more interesting pictures from my latest escapades as soon as can i.e. co-pilot in a 1929 Ford Tri-motor, sky diving on my 45 birthday in December, rafting on class 5 rapids in NC, and hog hunting in South Georgia, etc.


Major-Snafu-13 aka Jon

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As a follow up, here are some of my favorite travel and recreation photos:

Red Rock Canyon Nevada ATC Tour


Germany - Me next to Marx and Lenin in former East Berlin, Checkpoint Charlie, and belting a cold one down in Potsdam

[attachment=537:Berlin (2).jpg][attachment=538:Berlin.jpg][attachment=542:Potsdam Germany.jpg]

Hunting in South Georgia

[attachment=539:Georgia Hog Hunting (2).jpg][attachment=540:Georgia Hog Hunting (3).jpg][attachment=541:Georgia Hog Hunting.jpg]

Class 5 Rapids in North Caorilna

[attachment=544:Class 5.jpg][attachment=543:Class 5 (2).jpg][attachment=545:Class 5 (3).jpg]

My Favorite - Co-pilot of a 1925 Ford Tri-motor

[attachment=546:Ford Tri-motor.jpg]

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Nice to meet you Jon!

I like all these hobbies and I am jealous that you were able to go rafting in a class 5!!! Holy crap that's awesome dude!

I really want to go someday but I definitely would be in Class 4 or lower :P

You sir, have my favorite introduction EVER for ADK :)

GOOD HUNTING!! Hit me up sometime

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