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of late, [quote name='Rexperience' timestamp='1343072524' post='38225']
Hahaha that's funny! Is chrome>firefox .. really?

Too close to call, I'd say. Chrome is closed-source so it has privacy concerns. Firefox has always been a memory hog and just seems slower.

IE always gets a lot of flak, but it's the fastest browser on Windows. IE9 was a huge improvement.

I use Chrome on Windows, Safari on Mac, IE9 at work (70% to 80% of our clients still use IE), and Firefox on my Linux box.

It's great that there's lots of competition! These days, you really can't go wrong with any of the major browsers (just be sure to have latest version). Edited by jizackson

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And then you throw tablet/smarphone browsers into the mix and HAVE A HUGE CLUSTERF*CK. (My vote goes to Dolphin, by the way.)

Chromium is the open-source version of Chrome, so you COULD give that a look if you like to tinkle....er, tinker.

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I use Firefox usually, but mostly only because Chrome seems to be really slow and laggy lately. Even just loading youtube seems to be a chore for it. I almost want to use IE in its place. Almost. I'll just keep using Firefox.

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[quote name='7SteeLer' timestamp='1343077238' post='38246']
Why the hell would you use anything else?

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I don't see why people keep complaining about Chrome, I've only ever had a single problem with it since I started using it (I think?) 2 years ago. And that was that whole week where, for some reason, you couldn't use Google-based applications such as, well, Google and YouTube through Chrome. They finally managed to fix it though, I don't even see how that problem arose in the first place. Kinda funny that a web browser restricts using sites by the same company.

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