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Veteran Admin Promotions - 4/26/2016

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We've upgraded the site recently with some new stuff, so I think it's time for some Veteran Admin promotions! 


This first person joined ADK Wildstar in its infancy and quickly rose in the ranks. They are one of the contributing reasons for the section's activity to date and has always done what was best for Wildstar and the ADK Community.

They have also served in the Recruitment department for over half a year contributing to its help and growth in the area they ran. This person has also done one of the hardest things to do in the ADK Community, maintain an MMORPG  which has been one of the most difficult tasks that ADK has had in the past.

We look forward to working with this individual as a Community Leader and hope that their expertise in his field can help bring more experience to ADK Leadership as well as help Wildstar and future MMORPGs gain the correct guidance that is needed. This well deserved promotion is for:



This last person getting promoted done so much for their respective game and were once a candidate previously. They always try to do whatever they can to keep the game moving forward and keep it interesting for the members and guests that visit the server. And if you have ever been around this person you know that they do whatever they can to help you out and make you feel welcome in game. So if you like Jurassic Park then you've probably talked to this individual a time or two. The section that this person will be leading is ARK: Survival Evolved and the individual getting promoted is: 




So join me in congratulating these two wonderful individuals with their promotions to the Veteran Admin ranks! 

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Congratulations to you both. Have worked with both of you currently and in the past and you both deserve this promotion very much. :D

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Thank you everyone for the kind words. I can't wait to help the community even more. I promise I will not let the community/family down. Look for awesome things coming from the ARK section in the future. I couldn't have done it without a lot of people. I have been helped and guided along the way. Thank you to my mentor @Dowin . Thanks to the ARK staff for keeping it interesting and keeping me on my toes (y'all have been there for me and helped bunches), @Silver @JacknifeJones @FrogyIA @SLIMJIM @WarderKeeju. And thank you to those who have helped me and given me kind words throughout my time so far, y'all can't be replaced @Spyderbyte88 @LaithSJ @RidleeVindicate/Hockey.  Thank you to @Nova and @CaGregorio  for helping me when I needed it, I am excited to work with y'all. I also want to thank @AOBLXIX for believing in me, I won't let you down. And I want to thank all the other people I haven't mentioned you know who you are and how much you have helped. And I want to thank the community members & ARK players. We wouldn't have a great community without great leadership and great players (y'all are just as important as anyone else). I hope to be able to do great things for ADK in the future and if you are ever interested in "Jurassic Park" or ARK, please let us know so we can get you hooked up! 

Edited by Stealthy

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Congratz Kidz use those power's wisely ^^


But for real Congrats on you both well deserved.

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Congratulations to @Stealthy and @ReapYou on their well served promotions! Thank both of you for being such a driving force in the community. I'm sure you guys will continue to do great things in your new positions in the future! 

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